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Last Stickfight Standing Combat

Skygo has released the sequel to their successful combat game, Stickfight: Legends of Survival. It goes by the name Stickfight Infinity and is available for Android devices. Just like its predecessor, this game pits up to four stickmen against each other. Your goal is to beat all rivals and become the last stickman standing. There are dozens of levels in the game and the only way to advance is if you win. As an added bonus, Stickfight Infinity comes with a few improvements. Most notably, players can now get their hands on 18 new weapons and there is an endless level campaign.

Explosive Battles

The team at Skygo made this game to be just as exciting as the first one. Guns fall into the arena along with the stickmen as fighting rounds begin. Barrels of TNT and other explosives are also common in many of the arenas. In fact, if not careful, it is easy to get blown up. With gunshots renting the air and explosions going off, the fighting in this game is full of mayhem. Even when unarmed, the stickmen have no problem brawling. They strike each other with kicks and blows all the while jumping high like ninjas.

Interesting Arenas

The 2D graphics in Stickfight Infinity are nothing to write home about. However, fights take place in different locations, which makes the game interesting to play. Even if you fail a level, the battlefield will change when you give it another go. Slanting ledges, stacked boxes, dangling platforms, and so much more, the battlefield setups are endless. As a result, players have to adapt their fighting style to the arena. In some instances, falling off can be lethal. On the other hand, lower ground is available in other setups, allowing stickmen to step off raised platforms and mount attack from many angles.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Stickfight Infinity on PC:

  • Grab Weapons Fast

Go for a weapon the moment you see one falling to the ground. Armed with a gun, you can shoot rival stickmen from a distance. Therefore, this is an effective way to deal damage on rivals without getting too close within the enemy striking range.

  • Don’t Fall off the Ledge

In some levels, the stickmen will be fighting on raised platforms with no ground to step on below them. In such cases, try not to fall off the edge because that will cause your stickman to die.

  • Revive Your Stickman

If your stickman dies, you won’t get the cash reward for completing the level. Fortunately, you can revive your stickman and continue fighting until you are the last one standing. Spending 1,000 coins will buy your stickman instant revival. Alternatively, your stickman will respawn in the battlefield for free if you choose to watch a video ad for a few seconds. The resurrection option is only available within a 10-second window, so act fast.

  • Multiply Coin Rewards

You can multiply your coin reward up to five times. Simply tap the button with the video icon, which appears on the page that pops up after completing each level. You will get the extra coins after streaming a short video ad to the end, so make sure to turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Multiplying your coin collection is very helpful when trying to accumulate a lot of money to buy guns and upgrades.


About Stickfight Infinity:

If you are into stickman fighting games, this creation from Skygo is worth playing for a number of reasons. To begin with, it offers a ton of exciting action with multiple stickmen fighting each other at the same time in battlefields riddled with traps and explosives. In addition, the controls are very easy to use and there are lots of levels to keep you entertained. Melee combat has always been the quintessential fighting style when it comes to stickman combat games. But, the use of guns in Stickfight Infinity offers a nice change of style for fans of this genre who are looking for something different.

Developer: Skygo
Download: Android or iOS

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