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A Bubble Shooter

One thing you should know about the girls of Angry Birds is that they do not mask their emotions and Stella is here to prove it. Although bubble shooting game is not new, Stella Pop Bubble Shooter proves that there is more to them. If you are looking for a refreshing experience this is the game to download. It comprises a chain of different colored balls that hang from the top of the screen. You will be required to control a catapult that is at the bottom of the screen. All you have to do is shoot the ball upwards in order to pop the bubbles. The gameplay mechanics treat players to some impressive physics. As the bubble shooters do not have a finesse, you will have to use our smarts when controlling your catapult in order to change the ball. Download Stella Pop Bubble Shooter for PC now!

Intriguing Levels

All the levels feature ether Stella or one of her friends. Stella’s levels often have a limited amount of bubbles and you will be required to get rid of the pigs or rather pop six bubbles in the top row in order to release fireflies. While this may seem easy, the truth is that you have a hefty task that lies ahead. Popping pigs by bursting bubbles is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from Stella’s levels, you will also encounter Dahla’s and Willow’s levels. Queen Gale’s level is the rarest. You will be required to pop the top with Gale using her power that covers the bubbles with black fog. The rules remain the same-pop the bubbles in the given time limit.

Where generic bubble shooters get boring quickly, this particular game will keep introducing new elements in every level. It simply makes for a refreshing experience.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Stella Pop Bubble Shooter on PC

· Aim your bubbles at a higher distance
For many, this is the most sensible thing to do when playing a shooting game. But in this game, it is not so obvious. Aim higher but shoot
down the low-hanging bubbles first, as they are easy to eliminate.

· Fill up your pop meter by participating in Matches
To properly fill your pop meter, it is important to continually make bubble matches in a row. When your meter is also full you will be awarded helpful boosters.

· Take advantage of Stella’s power-ups
Stella, the main, character has power up capabilities referred to as power pop. This power-up can enable you to pop a huge set of colored bubbles that will be beneficial later on in the game.

· Have tons of bubble left over when you complete a stage
This automatically increases your star rating. The more bubbles you have left the more bonus points you will be awarded just before you finish a stage.

· Change your bubble color
You have the ability to change your bubble’s colors. To find a group of matching bubbles and clear the board quickly do this!

About Stella Pop Bubble Shooter:

Developer: Classic Bubble Game