Spike City For PC (Windows / Mac): Download & Install (Trailer)

How to play

How to play Spike City on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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A Pleasant Surprise

Spike City is a game that deserves a special nod. Before you overthink it, it is best to now that this game will go out of its way to meet you at your point of needs. Nitrome always puts out exciting games that they have developed entirely by themselves. This vertical platformer has surpassed all the other games that you have ever played. Your job is to go through a diverse section one at a time and successfully maneuver instead of auto-running or jumping like you would in other games. Spike City has a swipe-to-fly control scheme that will send you in cardinal directions. Just like the name suggests, you will have a singular spike sticking out of your head. Careful, you do not want to run into any surface…ouch!!

An Imaginative Game

The game’s developers were surely thinking outside the box when they were creating Spike City For PC. The mechanics are out of this world. They are so exceptional that you can use them it in a variety of ways; not to mention the fast reactions that are needed to negotiate through hazards. The modes are endless and everything from the tradition level-based campaign to the boss fights galore will sweep you off your feet. There are also many customization options that will take the game even further.

Main Game Modes

Spike City For PC comes with two game modes which include the endless and levels mode. The endless mode is played speedily by shooting your character around through puzzling stages. In this mode, you have to avoid getting spiked by an ever-rising death line. On another hand, the levels mode is a bit more complex as it requires a specific order of doing things. It is also centered towards the puzzling stage together with three checkpoints and purple coins that can be used to customize your characters. If you take great pride in customization then Spike City For PC will do you good service.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Spike City

Want to be successful in this spicy platforming action, take the following tips into consideration:

· Upgrade your power-ups first
Do not send your coins in changing outfits or getting new colors. Instead use them to upgrade your power-ups as this will affect the way you play the game. You can head into the power-ups section from the main menu and upgrade accordingly.

· Let yourself float down
The free fall is a movement tick that you should always keep in mind. Let your character float down and he will gently descend to his feet.

· Hold after you swipe
This is the most important trick n Spike City. It will make you stick wherever you land. Learn this technique early as it is needed to open all locked blocks at the beginning stage of the game.

· Do not be in a rush
As you navigate Spike City, lava rises slowly below your block. Be careful as it may rise high enough and kill you. But don’t fret, take your time and you will be just fine.


About Spike City:

Developer: Nitrome
Download: Android and iOS

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