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How to play SpellForce: Heroes & Magic on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Epic, Fantasy Saga

Hex Games and HandyGames are two amazing developers who came together to create an exceptional time-based game, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic. Everything from its rich strategy to its interesting choices has seen this game conquering PCs, tablets and mobile phones all over the world. The SpellForce franchise may have been dormant for a while but it has come back with an expected bang. If you are not an avid player or have simply gained new interest in games, this franchise is known for combining RPG action with RTS. In other words, it lets you create a magical character, explore the map that you are given, take on foes and collect loot as you go.

No Story To Feature

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is the first of its kind not to feature a back story. While it may not take you back in ages, as soon as you come to face to face with the game, it will instantly let you know what the deal is. Your job is to place buildings and gather resources. Even more important is the fact that you have to recruit soldiers and take them to war. There are 13 different missions to be completed and will need to create your own fantasy empire as you complete them. One rule that is applicable to all players is that you should never hold back. There is a lot of game to be played here and many exciting moments to enjoy.

Features That Stand Out

Granted, you may wonder what makes SpellForce: Heroes & Magic different from other common turn-based games. In fact, you may think that it does not have anything new to offer. But you will never know the magic of carries until you try!

Check out the Features That Make SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Truly Unique:

Abundance of Heroes

They will help you carry your weapons and take your opponents on.

A Magical World

The title already says it all! In this world of magic, anything is possible. For instance, heroes can attack their opponents by casting out lightning spells or even heal their companies when they really need to.

A Fantasy Empire

Enjoy the four E’s; Exploit, Expand, Explore and Exterminate! It does not get any better than this. This fantasy world has everything to offer.

Turn-Based Action that Happens Simultaneously

There are only a few games that allow for turn-based action. SpellForce: Heroes & Magic allows you to prepare your army and school them on the best attacks while your enemy also does this. Even more interesting is the fact that both you and your opponent will be doing this at the very same time.

Neutral Races

In these races, you have to determine whether you want to ally with other opponents or fight against them. You will need all sorts of creatures including the likes of dinosaurs or trolls. Though either be an asset or for. You are to determine how beneficial they will be for your gameplay.

About SpellForce: Heroes & Magic:

Developer: HandyGames
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