Space Frontier On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “Space Frontier” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Be the Architect of Space Colonization

The year is 2150. Earth? There is nothing visible about it anymore! Space Frontier is the latest two-minute arcade game that will change all of your thoughts and imaginations of space. As space exploration appeals to the human soul, you can be certain that there is a fun and challenging aspect of the game that will speak to you. It is easy to Download Space Frontier For PC or play it on a mobile screen. Either way, you will be the architect of space colonization. Your main job will be to maneuver rockets, build housing and provide air supply in the distant expanses of the universe.

Compete to Spread Your Influence

The game allows for 2-4 players to get aboard and spread their influence across the land of unchartered space. Each player is individually required to control a command ship and all of its supporting fleets. The ship comprises of a mobile factory, carrier and a research lab. Players can easily gain their influence through missions, conquest or trade. The game has no rules, players can be as co-operative or antagonistic with each other as they please.

Build, build, and build!

The tasks revolve around building structures. Firstly, players have to build houses. But worry not, you are not alone in such tasks! There are a number of robots to do your building and minerals that can be used as payment for upgrades. Of course, the game adds a fun and futuristic story to explain your building. Players can also build in alien locales and various planets. Needless to say, you will certainly be at the frontier. If you Download Space Frontier For PC, you can enjoy the game’s intensity on an interesting level.
Enjoy Everything the Game Offers
Space Frontier is a ketchapp game that will win all players over with its one-button gameplay capability and fast physics. As soon as you press the start button, you will be transported to space in unforgettable ways. With more than sixteen rockets to try and an infinite replayability, Space Frontier is at the top of the charts.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Space Frontier

As a game that requires lighting fast, judgement skills and top-notch eye co-ordination, Space Frontier players can only succeed with the right tactics. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you ahead of the pack:

• Release early
This is perhaps the most important rule of thumb. Therefore, it is important to release a rocket segment too early than flat out exploding. If your whole rocket explodes before it detaches all of its segment then you will go at a huge loss.

• Upgrade first!
As you play the game, you can spend the money on rocket styles or rocket upgrades. Not only will upgrades change the appearances of your rocket. Cockpit, it also enhances its performance.

• Practice as much as you can
Just like with anything else, practice certainly makes perfect. The key to high scores in Space Frontier is good practice. The more rockets you launch, the more you will be able to better your skills. Fortunately, you can practice as much as you want to especially there is no energy or fuel system.

• Keep your eyes on the screen
Space Frontier requires a high level of contraction. It is important to keep your eyes glued to the rocket and wait for the flowing high to appear. This will guarantee a perfect launch.

• Upgrade advertisements too
While advertisements may not have much to do with the gameplay upgrading them will improve your coins rewards. Instead of getting 10 coins per advertisement, you can enjoy 200 counts.

• Unlock new rockets
Once you have a nice stash of coins in hand, unlock new rockets. Do not worry as these new rockets will keep all of your upgrades for the original rocket. Unlocking new rockets also guarantees a change in the appearance of various parts of your rocket.

• Tap and blast
The basic premise of a game involves tapping on the screen. As such, it is important to tap before your fuel canisters are used up. This will prevent your rocket from exploding.

• Watch the videos
Watching the videos that appear as you play as they will guarantee you of a few extra coins. The tutorial video is especially important in impacting you with the tactics that you need to conquer different aspects of the game.

• Do not waste your money
While buying shells for your rocket may be a tempting offer, shells are purely aesthetic. As such, it is better to save your coins and spend them upgrading the most important parts of the rocket.

About Space Frontier:

Developer: Ketchapp
Download: Android and iOS