Soul of Eden on PC – GamePlay Tips & Tricks + Installing Guide

Time to Conquer

Soul of Eden is a real-time strategy card PVP game created by Rayark for both iOS and Android devices. The creators are also famous for chart-topping games like Cytus, VOEZ, DEEMO, Sdorica, and Implosion-never lose hope, to name just a few.

Once you download and start to play, the first thing you will do is login in with a nickname and join one fraction among four different groups within the game. They include tech knowledgeable Republic, capricious Aliens, sword and magic-wielding Empire, and savage Beasts. Each one has its unique skills, abilities, and fighting strategy.

All four group stories will come into contact with each other and intertwine. Therefore, you have to build a deck of cards consisting of brave allies, units, and spells. Additionally, battles are against other global players for the coveted title of becoming the ultimate champion.

Utilize Different Fighting Techniques

Deploying units is quite simple. You only tap on the card, click on to the battle area, and pick out your fighting formation. The game also allows players to use heroes with active power to deal a decisive blow to the rival.

In the Soul of Eden game, there are lots of fighting strategies you can use to win the battle against your opponent. For instance, you could try letting the enemy come closer to you and use your guardian to defend your territory. You could then follow this up with an attack on the foe’s front guardian, wipe out the ranged units, and finally bring in more cards to finish off the contender.

Another tactic can be to rely on the aid of powerful legendry units. These fighters can turn things around in your favor. Keeping your guardian well protected is essential because it enables you to win your matches. On the other hand, you always have to be careful when you head into enemy territory to wage war.

Whatever strategy you choose to use, Soul of Eden always provides room for improvement. You can continue to hone your tactics by visiting other players’ information pages and replay previous matches to gauge how they fight before going into battle with them.

Lots of Cards

Cards in the Soul of Eden game come in four tiers, namely common, rare, epic, and legendary. When a unit has the highest rarity, that means you cannot have duplicates of it in your deck. Additionally, each card type has a specific role to play in the game. For instance, you can cast one that deploys units that will either carry out defense, attack, supportive, or balancing activities.

Attack cards inflict tremendous damage on rivals. They are the highest DPS, so it is advisable to build your deck around them. Defense cards represent tanky units that move at a snail’s pace. They do not deal much damage but have lots of health. Placing them at the frontline comes in handy to you in battle.

On the other hand, support cards usually take positions at the rear section of your formations. They are delicate units that you should deploy wisely. Support units assist in healing and buffing. Timely use of them can save the day.

Finally, balance cards are jacks of all trades that you can use to fill in any position. The game has over one hundred unique cards you can use to build your deck.

Soul of Eden Tips, Tricks, & Beginner’s Guide

• Use Gold Coins Wisely

You get gold coins in the Soul of Eden after winning battles. They should be used with great care to obtain the items you need. For instance, have enough information on a card before you spend gold to buy it or level up. Always use your coins on relevant cards rather than on less significant ones.

• Make a Water Fall Wish

The waterfall of time unlocks when you reach a hundred battle points in Soul of Eden. It is a useful resource that will help you improve your game. Throwing soul stones in the waterfall will reward you with dust. When leveling up units, the dust is useful, especially in times when there are not enough copies of cards.

• Visit the Playground

The playground in Soul of Eden is where you will find alternative playing modes. For example, you can double your soul energy here. Additionally, there are time-limited game modes that you will find to quite fun and different from everyday battles. The best part is you will also get more and sometimes unique rewards.

• Dabble in the Arena

At a certain point, while playing Soul of Eden, you will unlock the Arena. It is the place where you will be able to learn more about a faction. You will find a list of challenges and get an introduction to a group’s way of playing. Spending time here will assist you in choosing the type of faction you prefer to play. Once you have unlocked a faction’s set of challenges, play them all before you build its deck.

How to play

How to play Soul of Eden on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Soul of Eden Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Soul of Eden on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden game is an online real-time PVP for Android and iOS platforms created by Rayark. Two players battle one-on-one. The goal is to destroy the other side's gurdian. You do this by deploying fighting units by casting cards. However, you can only join one of the four factions (Republic, Alien, Empire, or Beasts). You will require cards to help in building a deck. Every card comes in four different rarities and has its primary role to play in your formation. Employ a strategic battle plan to fight against your opponent and emerge as the ultimate victor. There are formidable heroes to fight alongside your other units as well. Fight for glory to gain battle points, gold coins, cards, other rewards, and unlock more game features. All of this will take you further in the game to obtain your ultimate goal.

Developer: Rayark International Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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