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How to play Solar Squad: Space Attack on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Classic Space Shooter Game

When was the last time you played a good shoot ’em up arcade game? Perhaps in your childhood? Well, Solar Squad: Space Attack brings back this classic genre in style. It is not only a fun space-shooter game but also easy to play. The mechanics are the same as other games of its kind. You launch your aircraft into outer space and fight for your life, relying on nothing but your reflexes and shooting skills. And, in this instance, you will be defending the world from both alien and human villains.

What sets this game apart from the rest is the experience it offers players.  It features a modernized design that treats you to top-notch graphics and colorful visuals from the aircraft as well as a vast range of firepower from enemies.  What’s more, an aerial view of varying backgrounds (such as highlands, cities, and volcanoes) give you a realistic feel of being an army combatant driving a fighter jet over enemy territory.

As of this review, the game is available for download on the Google Play Store. The developer, ONESOFT, has launched similar space shooters for the iOS platform but under different titles. With a simple installation trick (as explained later in this post), you can also play Solar Squad: Space attack for PC.

Pick Your Pace from 3 Options

Solar Squad: Space Attack is as challenging as arcade shooters come. Enemy jets of varying sizes come at you in droves from different positions, each trying to eliminate your aircraft with torrential firepower. You must move your plane to avoid enemy fire and mount attacks at the same time. You can do this with relative ease, at least initially. The most challenging part comes at the end of all levels, where you face-off against boss jets. These planes are huge, more powerful, and fire relentlessly without giving you even a second’s rest.

The good news is that you can pace yourself thanks to the option of 3 settings of difficulty -Easy, Normal, and Hard in all 40+levels of play. It is advisable to start easy to get a feel of the game before dipping your toes in the deep end.

Collect Coins to Power up

In this game, you do not rack up points only by taking down enemy planes. You also have to collect coins (which appear each time you eliminate an aircraft) while in the heat of battle. These coins are your means for upgrading jets. You can choose from four different planes. Each model comes with seven supporting spaceships, ammunition, aircraft parts, and a variety of equipment. One caveat about this game is that upgrades cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of coins. Therefore, you need to play quite a bit before being able to make significant aircraft improvements.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Solar Squad: Space Attack on PC

  • Do not let Aircrafts Get too Close

The thing to love about this game is that it is so high-paced it will get your heart pounding during play. Unfortunately, this also means opponents can take you down just as fast. Do not wait for the whole enemy aircraft to appear before you start shooting. The instant you see the nose of any enemy aircraft appear, get in position, lock-in, and fire. You can also sway your spaceship from one side of the screen to the other at the beginning of a level to take down a few planes before they get a chance to fire.  Once the enemy jet gets close, it will be harder to take it down, and you will also be at more risk of taking fire.

  • Shoot & Duck in Boss Missions

Shooting in boss challenges comes in fast and heavy. From laser beams to missiles, the projectiles used for attacks also vary widely. Luckily, there is plenty of wiggle room against oncoming fire since you can move your aircraft side to side, up & down, and even slide around a hail of bullets. You also want to end a boss challenge as fast as possible since you cannot dodge fire successfully for too long. To speed things up, keep fire directed at the center of the big space ship as much as possible. Doing so hits the soft spot of boss jets and thus renders more damage.

  • Watch out for Advantages

The game would not be complete without offering advantages during play.  Boosters come in several types and either increase your health, super charge the spaceship to release an inferno of bullets for a few seconds straight, or envelope you in a shield that allows you to fire from one spot without taking any hits.

If you are a risk taker, you do not have to wait for props because it is possible to literally go for them. Taking down a powerful-looking aircraft or a slew of the tiny planes in one go usually yields advantages. In boss quests, wiping out several small aircraft will produce an advantage or two.

  • Keep an eye on the on-screen Skills Button

Your aircraft in this game automatically fires, leaving you with the simple task of navigation, which you can do at the touch of your screen.  Once fully charged, you can click on the button to launch a powerful attack.  Make sure to use the button before finishing off the big boss, since it will not be there when you move on to the next level.


About Solar Squad: Space Attack:

Solar Squad: Space Attack is one of those games that will eat up all your free time (and more) if you are not careful. The reason for that is that this game can be quite addictive. An easy style of playing makes it all the more appealing. What's more, the graphics are impressive, and battles are intense. With the three difficulty settings, you will never run out of challenging missions to conquer. Hands down, this is one of the best space shooter creations around and certainly worth checking out.

Developer: ONESOFT
Download: Android or iOS

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