Soccer Manager 2021 on PC – Football Management Game

Immersive Football Management Game

There is no denying that the Soccer Manager series of games get better with each release. Soccer Manager 2021 – Football Management Game is more immersive than ever. Like its predecessors, the goal in this game is to pick a football team and take it to the top. You will have control over every aspect of your team. That includes selecting your starting eleven, the formation of play tactics, and scheduling training sessions.

Additionally, the game puts you in charge of a range of off-pitch aspects. For instance, you will be responsible for squad selection and assigning of player numbers. Scouting for new players, transferring players, and upgrading of training facilities also fall within your domain.

While there is a lot to do in the game, everything remains under an organized user interface. At the top left corner of the game’s home screen is the main menu button. It provides access to other mini-menus. At the center of the screen is a task list menu with tabs for Training, Assign Scout, Sponsor, and Scout Report. You will notice notification alerts beside these tabs when there are essential tasks to complete. The home screen itself offers tap sections of Stadium, Training, Club Zone, Scouting Network, and Youth Academy.

Player Management on a Personal Level

One of the game’s multiple menus is a Squad screen that contains your full roster of players split into groups of First Team, Reserve Team, and Loaned Out. This screen adds a whole other layer to play where you get to manage players on a personal level. Every player on the roster will have a full profile (age, fitness level, value, & ratings) as well as morale and chemistry ratings. It is up to you to use this information wisely to ensure every one of your players develops as best as they could. It also these stats that you will need to fall back on when deciding to sell a player or sign a new one to your squad.

More Than 1 Manager Type

Before commencing play, Soccer Manager 2021 presents you with the choice of 3 manager types (Training Manager, Tactical Manager, & Suit Manager), each with very different managerial styles. The training manager is all about personal improvement and helping players reach their ultimate potential. The tactical manager, on the other hand, focuses more on capitalizing on individual player strengths to win matches. The suit manager is the least technical in the bunch and is more skilled at managing the team’s finances.

Every manager comes with a set of advantages (e.g., the tactical manager can gain bonuses following impressive player performances). You can also upgrade the one that you select using Manager Points earned through play to improve traits. All you have to do is weigh the value of each manager and go with the one that suits the managerial approach you wish to take during play.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Soccer Manager 2021 on PC

· Pick The Right Team

As much as you would love to go with your favorite football team, it is more strategic to base team selection on the type of manager you are playing as. The tactical manager works better with one of the top teams that has a talented roster. In contrast, clubs with high-charging players are best left to the suit manager. The training type of manager, in turn, will have a much better shot at raising a struggling team to glory or bringing out the best in a squad of mostly young players than the other manager options.

· Make Full Use of the Tactics Button

The TACTICS button on this game is practically a cheat sheet you can use to win all your matches. Through this control feature, you can drag and drop players on the field in any formation of your choosing (4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, etc.). And this is after you have had a glimpse of the opposing team’s player formation. You also get an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to player morale, fitness, and chemistry to raise overall team chemistry.

Under the same tactics screen, the game goes a step further in letting you know how a player will perform in a given position. Black on a player’s name bar means the player is playing their ideal spot. Orange, on the other hand, indicates that a player is slightly off, and as such, will have a hard time during play. Red indicates that a player is not playing their designated role, and they lack the required skills. It is always best to keep all players as close as possible to their respective positions to increase the chances of success.

· Train Your Players Regularly

In this game, you will be surprised at the immense benefits regular training of your players can have. Your goalkeeper gets better at preventing goals, while the rest of the team will improve on how to capitalize on scoring opportunities. What’s more, team chemistry will receive a boost while player ratings and stats will improve. The trick here is to maintain a reasonable and effective schedule for training. Overtraining will lead to fatigue or injury while under training will see player performance decline. A nice balance can be taking your players through training drills a couple of times a week or in between fixtures.

· Upgrade Club Facilities When You Can

While player improvement takes precedence in this game, it also helps to make club facility upgrades whenever you can. Do this when your team is ranking well (i.e., when leading in a league and has good chemistry), yet you have a ton of extra cash to spend.

As you will find out through the game’s tutorial, your club facilities feature three parts of a Training Centre, Club Zone, and Stadium. Focus more on upgrading rooms at the club zone as this will bring in more sponsorship funds, improve player recovery after injury, and also boost revenue on ticket sales, TV deals, and merchandise per season. Upgrades to the training center, in turn, offer the advantage of earning you extra drill slots and consequently help to make your team better. Stadium upgrades should take the least priority as they only work to boost ticket sales revenue by increasing the stadium’s sitting capacity.

How to play

How to play Soccer Manager 2021 - Football Management Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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About Soccer Manager 2021 - Football Management Game:

If you are looking for a football game where you can control your players and test out your skills against real online players, Soccer Manager 2021 is not it. Instead, this is a strictly management-oriented game where the success of your team is dependent on the decisions you make. The play mechanics in this game are impressively deep and come very close to mimicking the duties of a real-life football manager. While this makes it a little difficult for rookie football fans to pick up Soccer Manager 2021, the game does provide tutorial pop-ups all through play. So, you only need to pay attention to the tutorials and take the time to explore all the menus at the game’s home screen to get better aquatinted with play mechanics.

Developer: Soccer Manager Ltd
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