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War Strategy Battler

Kixeye, the gaming publisher, has added yet another war strategy game titled SIEGE: Apocalypse to their growing list of games. It is not the first time they have created something in this genre. They are also behind hit games like War Commander: Rogue Assault along with its Middle East and North America region (MENA) version Asefat Al-Harb.

In this installment, though, you step into a war-torn fantasy world where your role is to dispatch troops and destroy enemy bases before they do the same to your own base of operations.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of troops and deploy various tactics to defeat your rivals in battle.

Card-Based System

One feature that makes SIEGE Apocalypse stand out is the card-based system. Essentially, each type of soldier or war tactic you can use in the game has a card that represents it.

Troop cards represent the foot soldiers who deal sustained damage to enemy buildings and combatants on the battlefield. For instance, you can tap on a card to dispatch riflemen, paratroopers, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, tankers, shotgunners, and so on.

Your troops keep fighting to the death. You can always deploy as many as you want, but you can only have four troop cards on hand at a time.

In contrast, you can take up to eight tactical ops into battle. These battle maneuvers support your ground troops. For example, they can include airstrikes, ammo drops, landmines, barbed wire, and so forth.

Although tactics give you more options, only three sit above your troop cards. They get replaced with random ones whenever you use them.

Tactics also work for a few seconds, so deploying them with the right timing is essential. If used too early, a tactic will not unleash its maximum potential.

With duplicate cards and some coins, you can upgrade troops or tactics currently in your possession. In effect, this will increase battle performance.

Simple Combat Mechanics

The combat mechanics in this game require a lot of strategic thinking, but the basics are simple and easy to master.

During a duel, two teams fight on a vertical battlefield. You can explore it yu scrolling up or down.

Your base is at the bottom, and the opposing player has set up camp at the top. In between, each side has bunkers, which both sides will try to destroy.

There are also points or buildings along the way that ground troops can garrison or occupy to have a tactical advantage.

To deploy soldiers or use battle tactics, you tap on their corresponding cards, which usually appear at the bottom of the screen. You consume supplies designated by a digit between 1 and 10 to use each card.

Supply regenerates automatically over time. So, once you deploy a card, you have to wait until there are enough supplies to cover the cost of deploying another one. Weaker units have a low deployment cost, while stronger ones have a higher supply price.

Due to the battle dynamics involved, you have to constantly weigh between the benefits of trying to overwhelm enemies with a barrage of weak units that are quick to deploy over more expensive slower units which come with powerful attacks.

As the battle unfolds, you will be advancing up the screen. Besides destroying bunkers, your objective is to make it to the top and take out the enemy base.

Doing so will earn you victory, but the game also has a timer. If time runs out, the player that has destroyed the most bunkers wins.

SIEGE Apocalypse Rewards

At the end of each battle, you will win chests that contain troop, tactic, and gold cards. These resources will help you to upgrade your army.

You also receive medals depending on the number of bunkers destroyed. Taking out the enemy base earns you up to three medals. Medals help you upgrade victory chests to claim even better rewards.

You also earn victory points that determine which opponents you will face in PvP matches. After reaching the 800 mark, you will unlock the option of customizing bunkers and the base to have better defenses against enemy attacks.

Tips & Tricks for Playing SIEGE Apocalypse on PC

• Take Advantage of Alliance Perks

Upon reaching player level 3, you will unlock the option to be in an alliance. You can join or form one to take advantage of the benefits that come with teaming up with other players. Besides being able to take on missions together, alliance members can donate spare cards to each other or just chat about battle strategies within the in-game chat function.

• Clear Chest Slots

The chests you earn after winning matches are the main source of troop and tactic cards. Keep in mind, though, that you only have four slots available. So, make sure to open them as quickly as possible.

The treasure chests come in different rarity levels and take anywhere from a few minutes to hours before unlocking. You can speed this up by watching ads or spending gems.

• Remember to Open the Piggy Bank

Another way to earn more rewards in SIEGE: Apocalypse is by opening the piggy bank. It fills up gradually each time you open chests to claim your match completion rewards. You only have a limited period of 24 hours to open it before the rewards disappear, so claim them while you still can.

To open the piggy, you can spend gems or medals earned after destroying enemy bunkers and bases. Ideally, spend the latter currency save up the precious gems for other more important uses.

• Level Up Units Uniformly

When it comes to upgrading your units, it is smart to upgrade all units instead of concentrating on a particular troop sub-set that you have come to love for being effective in early battles. The game is going to throw at you every possible scenario. That means opponents evolve, so you need to be prepared for all situations.

A balanced army is essential for victory. Remember, any weakness, regardless of how small, can give your rivals an opening to crush you in battle.

How to play

How to play SIEGE Apocalypse on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install SIEGE Apocalypse Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play SIEGE Apocalypse on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About SIEGE Apocalypse:

If you love warfare games that focus on the battle action itself, SIEGE Apocalypse is one title you will love. In this card-based battler, you will plunge into war-torn landscapes where you get to deploy various troops and utilize war tactics on the fly. Split-second decisions can turn the tide of battle in your favor. You get to use ground troops or bring out the heavy artillery in action-packed PvP or PvE duels. Have fun pushing through the battlefield taking control of strategic locations while destroying rival structures along the way. You can have fun leading military operations, making strategic combat decisions, building powerful decks with troop and tactic cards, and climbing the leaderboard by installing SIEGE Apocalypse on your gaming PC using the instructions shared in this post.

Developer: KIXEYE
Download: Android or iOS

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