Shining Nikki for PC – Find Out How to Download & install

One-Of-A-Kind Dress-up Game

Shining Nikki is more than your typical dress-up game. It took 3-years to develop. The work that went into it shows in its realistic look and feel.

This creation from Papergames boasts cutting-edge graphics, a top-grade lighting system, shadow matrix, flawless voice acting, and thousands of costumes in luxury-looking fabrics. In addition to that, the game features the latest trends in makeup and fashion.

One thing is for sure- you will have a mighty good time discovering all the various aspects of this game. It has so many cool features, fascinating stories, and tons of gameplay options including, photoshoot sessions, events, and pavilions.

You can join a guild or add friends, send each other stamina, share rewards, and do battle together. What’s more, you will get to become Nikki’s closest friend, share in her happy moments, and bond with her by going shopping, celebrating birthdays, traveling together, and watching movies.

Enjoy Cool Dress-Up Battles

Like all the best dress-up games, Shining Nikki features fun outfit battles. For this, you get to pick outfits from a bunch of categories that include hairdo, dress, coat, top, bottom, socks, shoes, accessories, and makeup. The game allows a limit of 5 accessories for each outfit.

Once your outfit is complete, you receive a rating based on your choice of clothes, headwear, hair, accessories, and shoes. The rating part plays out through a lovely display where you will need to make a series of taps to get the process going. Your overall battle rate score weighed against your opponent’s then follows. If you have a higher score, you will win all manner of goodies including, gold, poetry of time, and polka dot keepsakes.

In the game, you get to collect (and summon) stylists as you go. You can upgrade them using gold, memory keys, and other items you earn through continued play.

Another way to power up is combining duplicate designers. Once you acquire multiple copies of the same stylist, this option will become available to use.

Each designer has a call of reflection attribute which boosts specific areas of your score (e.g., hair power). You will need to learn all of your designers’ reflection powers to activate their corresponding passive effects at the right moment to increase their styling power.

Game Offers 3 Play Modes

In Shining Nikki, you will make progress by following a Main Story mode. It takes you through a series of stages/chapters featuring a ton of immersive stories. On occasion, you will need to craft suits and engage in battles to pass the chapter.

With each completed stage comes a reward of chapter packs containing all manner of free stuff ( for example, mystery tickets, gold, divine, anthem, gems). Under the story mode, you can play solo or as a team. It is also possible to auto investigate or skip through lengthy story parts.

Alternatively, experience this game through Mind Maze and Diamond Arena play modes. The former option involves unlocking your player’s memories through a series of stages. That entails going through scenes and identifying something that does not make sense. If you get it right, you will break the illusion and, consequently, help your avatar recover a memory. There are 30 attempts per day available for the maze arena. Moreover, styling battles are in this mode as well.

As for the diamond arena mode, quests involve dressing up according to themes and battling opponents of your choosing. You get 3-refreshes daily for this, along with gold and rose rewards that you can exchange for arena suits & other items.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Shining Nikki on PC

• Do Your Dailies

Shining Nikki sets a range of tasks for each day (labeled Today’s Schedule). Easy enough to do, the tasks feature things like upgrade one designer’s reflection to lv. 5, clear clock workshop, and so on.

Always make sure that you have completed your dailies before setting the game down for the day. You get gems and other goodies for each completed task.

While clearing your dailies, also check what other tasks need doing as well. Under the Tasks button are two more tabs of Main Journey and Achievements. These feature challenges like clear or sweep any main stage x10, summon in gate of heart x2, give gifts x5 to Nikki, clear main story chapter 1-10, collect a total of 300 pieces of clothing, and others. If any of the tasks are doable, get to it immediately.

The taskbar fills up after you complete all available tasks, thus allowing you to reap the day’s maximum rewards.

Another part of dailies includes a 7-day tour that the game offers at the beginning of play. This feature gives you an idea of where you should be at the end of each day. Completing each day’s tour gives you a good start in the game.

• Buy Everything from the Shop

There is no need to be picky in Shining Nikki because all outfits are gorgeous and look nice on your avatar. So, buy everything from the shop. All the outfit attributes will serve a purpose at some point in the game. What’s more, you can use the costumes for battle and crafting purposes later on.

When at the shop, mix up purchases and get a little of everything (dresses, tops, shorts, accessories, hair, socks, and shoes). Include a few SR outfit items as well. While SR pieces are the priciest, they have the highest attributes and will, therefore, enable you to get the ultimate score of S in dress-up battles. When you run out of gold, do some grinding and then return to the shop to buy more outfit items.

• Go for Highest Scoring Items

Every item of clothing or accessory piece has numbers beside it (297, 545, 519, 696, etc.). Go for those with the highest figures. The numbers represent the power/attributes of any given item.

Naturally, the higher the power, the more it will boost your overall score at the end of the battle. So, stick with a dress if it scores more than a top & pants combo.

All the same, make sure the outfit you assemble is ideal for the specified quest theme (i.e., Visiting a Patient, Gorgeous and Elegant, Simple and Practical). Sticking with the occasion at hand will boost your overall battle rating.

• Use Free Stuff Immediately

This game offers a tone of free rewards, including summoning and fantasy tickets. Make sure to collect your freebies immediately.

You do not get many clothes at the beginning of the game. Claiming the free stuff can help remedy this before you can grind enough to accumulate wardrobe funds.

How to play

How to play Shining Nikki on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Shining Nikki Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Shining Nikki on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Shining Nikki:

With its immense variety and refined play mechanics, Shining Nikki can feel overwhelming. However, this game is not difficult to play. Controls are neatly arranged and straightforward. You only need to click through the buttons to discover all there is to do in the game. A tutorial helps you get acquainted with all the diversities of Shining Nikki. One thing to note is that the game offers the option to lock and bind your account to either Facebook or Gmail before picking a server. Doing so will allow you to switch servers and still retain all your data in the game.

Developer: Paper Games
Download: Android or iOS

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