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Build and Expand a Shelter in a Post-apocalyptic World 

With the thrill of exploring wastelands and fighting the undead plus the surreal experience of being at the forefront of restarting civilization, post-apocalyptic zombie survival games will most likely never go out of style. So, when a well-put-together post-apocalyptic game like Shelter War: Last City in apocalypse comes along, it is certainly worth checking out.

Following a ‘human vs. AI’ war that wiped out the world, you are picked as the Chosen One to restart civilization on what is the last corner of the globe left standing. The game takes place in a typical setting of a post-apocalyptic fallout underworld.  So, in this realm, there are miles upon miles of barren, abandoned wastelands, enemies at every turn, and a few surviving humans stranded in enemy territory. Your role as the chosen one comprises of a few  things. Firstly, you have to build a safe haven for what’s left of humankind. Secondly, you will train the survivors. And, thirdly, you will head out to battle the undead (as well as mutants, robots, raiders, and other players).


Plenty of Game Features to Discover 

The beauty with Shelter War: Last City in apocalypse for PC is that it is quite a complicated game. Therefore, that means there is a ton of things to do. The shelter you will be building is a bunker with several rooms (training room, water filter room, farm room, etc.). Turning the bunker into a fallout shelter and eventually, a city will require you to upgrade existing rooms and add new ones for research, machine shop, dining hall, sleeping quarters, entertainment, among others. Rooms are enhanced by spending water, food, or bit coin, as is a control room, which unlocks new rooms and features when upgraded. A tutorial on the basics of shelter management is offered to give you a footing on how the game works.

Dwellers of the bunker comprise of both your workforce and fighters. Part of managing your shelter is to ensure at least one dweller is operating the available rooms and no less than two soldiers at the bunker’s headquarters. Residents can move through the rooms by tapping and holding a dweller and then making a dragging motion to where you want to put the resident.

Fighters venture outside the bunker to protect the shelter from attackers, gather resources, or chase after raiders. You tap on the map on the left side of the screen and choose where to send your fighters. At times, the soldiers come back with survivors who add to your bunker’s population.


Several Game Modes on Offer 

Do you prefer taking on the whole world by yourself or going with friends? How about some random play or perhaps a more structured storyline to follow? Well, with Shelter War: Last City in apocalypse for PC, you can do it all. The game has several play options, including a ‘First Person Mode,’ where you get to go on solo quests. Also, there is a ‘Third Person Mode’ in which you experience gameplay from the perspective of the dwellers. Finally, the ‘Campaign Mode’ takes you through an elaborate story where you face off a ton of deadly enemies in hundreds of battles. It is all up to you to choose what mode to play in.

Tips & Tricks for playing Shelter War: Last City in Apocalypse on PC

  • Go out on Regular Resource Hunts 

Whether it is expanding your shelter, training and upgrading your fighters, or crafting weapons, you will need resources. And the quickest way to pile up on supplies is to go out and hunt for them. The game has a vast map with several regions (e.g., Desert of Skulls), each with multiple areas that contain the ‘Last Cradles of Civilization.’ Conquering one entire territory will unlock the next one on the map.


  • Arm and Train your Squad well 

The thing with heading out for resources is that you will run into all manner of enemies whom you must defeat in battle. Losing will see your fighters return to camp with nothing. So, it is essential to raise an army of fierce warriors. That entails upgrading the training room from time to time and buying all the gear and armor that you can. Travel vehicles and choppers are an excellent investment to make once you raise enough currency to buy them.


  • Choose the Best Pairings for Battle 

Battles happen automatically with two or more fighters heading out. Brawlers take the lead, while shooters remain at the back shooting at the enemy. You are free to send out whatever combination of fighters you want. Just make sure to be smart about it. Have a lower level brawler backed by an excellent marksman and vice versa, include an equal number of brawlers and shooters when sending out a group, relegate your best shooter to the back of the line so that they are adequately shielded, and so on.


  • Maintain a Thriving Farm and Water Filter Room

While every room in the shelter is critical, the farm and water filter rooms are the driving force of your little settlement. The by-products (water & food) from these rooms not only feed and hydrate the dwellers, but they also make up part of the game’s currency. So, you must get to these rooms if you want to thrive. Regular upgrades to the rooms will keep everybody secure and healthy and have enough left over to make other vital upgrades.



About Shelter War: Last City in Apocalypse:

Shelter War: Last City in apocalypse is a well-crafted game that leaves hardly any room for complains. The real-like graphics deliver justice in the depiction of a post-apocalyptic world while play is as simple as tapping on the icons on either sides of the screen to achieve various actions. What’s more, there is versatility in play where adventure junkies can do battle constantly, RPG fans can indulge in the campaign mode, while laid-back player will have a blast managing the shelter. And with the developers promising new features like instanced locations offering rare resources, new adventures and rewards, the ability to create new dwellers through high-end biotechnology, plus the introduction of a powerful hero to help during battles, the game will get even more interesting in the future.

Developer: Royal Ark
Download: Android or iOS

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