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There will be an exciting game offering from DuniaGames here, which is ShellFire – MOBA FPS! Lately, new PC and smartphone games are increasingly being released. Various genres are also made to provide gamers with many choices according to their tastes. Starting from RPG, MMORPG, battle royale, to MOBA and FPS with excellent gameplay. But, what if FPS is combined with MOBA? This new nuance will be presented by Dunia Games with the release of a new game called ShellFire!

A wholly new game experience

ShellFire combined mobile game MOBA and FPS are published directly by Dunia Games and certainly will present a new experience for all of you gamers. ShellFire is about the world of the future, where the state of the world has been devastated by nuclear. Under these conditions, the survivors of the Earth form factions (groups). The first faction was the Dawn Guards, who tried to protect hopes and dreams about a peaceful life. The second faction is Alpha Corp, a group that seeks to master the potential of life, including humans. At ShellFire, there are various game modes that you can enjoy completely with different objectives. In the game, you will compete in 5v5 like MOBA in general, but the display given is FPS!

Get the latest Hero

Each Hero at ShellFire will also have their respective roles, so team collaboration with a balanced role composition is needed in the game: from attacks, defenses, tanks, to support. The ideal composition usually in the game is 2 attacks or defense, 2 tanks, and 1 support. But there are still more unique things from ShellFire, guys!

In the MOBA game in general, once you choose a Hero, you won’t be able to change the Hero at all until the game ends. Here, you can change your Hero as you like at the different time from the first time you used it during the game! This feature is of course provided so that you can balance the game and be able to turn things around. At ShellFire, you not only need teamwork but also your expertise in connecting enemies.

Are you a newbie in the ShellFire – MOBA FPS world?

Well, for Starters who are also just using this game aka newbie who still doesn’t know how to play Shellfire, here are 5 tips on how to play the game:

• Practice Using Manual Attacks

There are several features that really help players one of which is the automatic attack. This feature is very useful for making Starters use the range of heroes who shoot enemies from afar. But this auto attack feature has a backlash from automatic attacks that are very easy to be avoided by the enemy. To overcome this problem, you have to use the manual mode that requires the SmartServer behind Android to attack. With manual attacks, you can predict the direction of the enemy and attack it. You can do this Two-Mode Shot Mode to find out which attack style is more suitable for yourself.

• Master 1 Hero First

ShellFire has only 15 heroes with the only 4 roles, namely Attack, Defence, Tank, and Support. To be sure to install it first. There are still some free heroes that are rotated and can be used by newbies. You should first master a hero so that you can use it in each match. If you have mastered one hero, then you can add other heroes, too.

• Keep Memorizing

The next tip is to memorize all the maps. Why? Because in the ShellFire game you can’t choose a map when playing in Quick Match or Ranking mode. The map will be automatically selected. When playing, you can be on a different spot each time. So learn quick and memorize all kind of maps.

• Don’t Run the Runes

This is a very important tip that can make Smarters heroes more powerful than enemies. This rune feature can add attributes to your hero such as Attack, Defend, HP, Cooldown Reduction and so on.

The most special runes are level 4 runes. How to get runes is to open a free rune and collect rune fragments. In addition, you can get fragments that can be exchanged with runes.

• Clean Roles in Every Match

The last tip is to pay attention to the role when playing. This is very important if the Starters team does not have a Tank hero so it will be difficult to win matches and also with hero support. It is very important for two Tank heroes and Support to be present in every match.

No matter if you are a PC or smartphone game lover, ShellFire is a nuclear game bomb you should definitely try on.


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