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How to play Sharpen Blade on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Forge Fine Blades

For anyone who wants a simple, no-frills casual game, Sharpen Blade for PC or mobile is a creative simulator that might be worth playing. ZPLAY Games is the publisher behind this entertainment app, and the title leaves nothing to imagination. You will be doing plenty of blade sharpening in this game, and then some.

Although the action simulates what goes into making swords, it falls a bit shy of the nitty-gritty of bladesmithing. For example, there is no smelting of the material and then striking it with a harmer to achieve the desired shape. Generally, grinding and sharpening the blades is pretty much what you will be doing for the most part. Nevertheless, this makes the game easy to play.

Simple Blade Making Steps

The process of forging fine swords in Sharpen Blade involves several steps. First, you will use different grinders to shape the blade. Next, a sharpening stone hones the edges. Finally, you will add a hilt or handle to the blade, making it a full-fledged sword or dagger. The fun part comes when you get to test your work by cutting random things that range from a bunch of bananas to a highly stacked burger.

While the process of making swords and daggers might sound complicated, all you have to do is keep drawing an infinity sign on the screen, and the rest takes place automatically.

Lots of Decorative Swords to Make

When it comes to the type of swords players get to make, Sharpen Blade for PC and mobile does not disappoint. No two blades will be the same. Get a chance to create swords that are double-edged, curvy, serrated, and so much more. The detailing of each piece might just inspire you to become a sword enthusiast.

Once you complete each set, there is a bonus level to play. It comes after designing four blades, but this time, you will make a key that opens a crate with cash rewards.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Sharpen Blade on PC

  • Multiply Your Reward

At the end of each level, you earn a certain amount of in-game currency that you can use to upgrade or acquire new items used to test the sharpness of your forged blades. Unfortunately, the usual cash prize for completing each level can add up slowly. So, this means you may have to play lots of levels before you can afford to buy or improve your blade testing gear. However, you can avoid this by multiplying your rewards up to six times. All you have to do is tap/click on the video icon at the end of the level and watch a short video advertisement.

  • Claim the Mystery Gift

Besides the loot that you collect after making each sword, you can also claim a mystery gift. However, this is not always available, so you have to know when to go for it. To know when your mystery gift is ready for claiming, watch the icon on the top right corner of your screen. You will see a gift box there. It has blue shading that fills up to a certain level each time you make a new blade. Once the coloring reaches the top of the gift box, you will be able to claim the mystery reward by watching an ad. Keep in mind, though, that it also resets after you do this.

  • Unlock More Items

As mentioned earlier, the in-game currency you earn from each level can unlock more items to test your blades. Granted, the objects you will acquire to cut do not offer any gameplay advantage. However, they add an element of fun to the experience because you get the satisfaction of watching the effectiveness of your blade at work.


About Sharpen Blade:

Sharpen Blade is a simple casual simulator that anyone can play when bored. You will create a plethora of interesting swords and test them for strength. The gameplay action is very straightforward. All you do is grind blades to a specific shape, sharpen them, add a handle, and test the final piece of work by cutting all kinds of things. The controls are very intuitive as well, so even casual gamers will have no trouble playing this game. While the gamepaly can get a bit repetitive, the best part is that Sharpen Blade has lots of levels to keep you entertained.

Developer: ZPLAY Games
Download: Android or iOS

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