Shadowgun War Games Tips, Tricks, & Character Walkthrough

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Shadowgun War Games is an action-packed, fast-paced FPS that plays out like a MOBA game. Players will be able to take part in 5v5 flag capture or Team Deathmatch battles. However, it can be overwhelming to get a solid footing in the game if you have just started playing it. If you are looking for Shadowgun War Games tips & tricks for the various character included in the game, then you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about the heroes in this game, their playstyles as well as useful tips & tricks that will come in handy during battle.

Shadowgun War Games Tips, Tricks & Characters Walkthrough

Shadowgun War Games Tips & Character Guide

. Revenant

Full of rage and regret, Revenant is a former alien slave who sold his soul to look after what he cherishes most. He channels his emotions to unleash terror on his rivals. What’s more, he is arguably one of the scariest contestants in the Shadowgun War Games universe, boasting a massive physique, eyes that light up, and skin that catches fire.

Revenant has two abilities:

  • Roar: When Revenant shouts, he emits a disorienting sonic roar within a 90-degree arc in front of him. Therefore, use this ability when you want to slow down targets. It stops rival characters dead in their tracks, leaving them like sitting ducks. You will find this ability instrumental in team fights.
  • Inner Rage: On the other hand, you can activate the inner rage ability when playing with this hero. What this does is to increase movement while also reducing the amount of damage inflicted and received. Moreover, the inner rage ability makes Revenant super huge, allowing him to effectively block the field of view of assault characters like Slade or snipers like Willow.

When playing as this resilient cyborg, you can act as the tank for your team and take charge in the frontlines. Revenant’s sheer size draws enemy fire, whereas his high HP allows him to survive long enough for other flanking teammates to dispatch the enemies.

. Willow

The deadliest sniper in the galaxy, Willow is a long-range type of fighter. Therefore, if she has her sights set on you, then chances are you will be dead before you even know an attack is coming.

With her Avenger sniper rifle, Willow can drop enemies from the backlines while staying away from heated combat at a safe distance. She also has a Lynx SMG on her with a high fire rate for taking care of rivals within a short-range.

Shadowgun War Games Tips for Willow’s Abilities:

  • Flash Mine: While this skill does not do damage, its effect is significant and offers an excellent way to protect yourself. What it does, as the name implies, is to emit a blinding light, allowing you to confuse your rivals for a moment. However, an opponent has to step on the flash mine for it to activate. Therefore, it is a great ability to use when an enemy is chasing you.
  • Super Charge: If you want to cause extra damage, this is the ability to use. Willow can supercharge both her primary and secondary weapons. Therefore, use this feature to take down characters that are hard to eliminate, such as when Revenant when he goes into his Inner Rage mode to dampen damage taken.

With her high aim, Willow is a perfect choice for players who have a liking for long-range combat. Keep in mind, though, that she has low health. So, a smart strategy is to look for vantage points where she can stay safe while scoping out enemies with her sniper rifle.


. Sara

If you are the kind of player who loves to have your teammates’ backs, Sara is the Shadowgun War Games hero for you. She’s a robot with excellent support abilities, which include the following.

  • Healing Blast: You activate this buff by throwing a grenade that has two charges. Upon detonation, it unleashes a therapeutic blast that heals Sara and her nearby allies.
  • Protection Dome: As the name suggests, this ability drops a protective shield shaped like a dome. It’s a fantastic ability to use when you find yourself in the center of the conflict.

With two support aids up her sleeves, Sara can be invaluable when tagging along a vulnerable character to offer some protection.

When using this hero, you will have a rocket launcher as your primary weapon. It’s best used from a distance because you have to reload after discharging it.

If you want to do damage to the enemy team without exposing yourself, then the rocket launcher can be quite useful when approaching around corners. It also deals a ton of damage if you can manage to land direct hits, but that will be a bit hard to do from a distance. As such, a good strategy is to aim for the feet of your targets. That way, the rocket will explode in the ground and then deal damage to all characters in the blast radius. Use this tactic when you spot enemies bunched up so that you can maximize your damage.

On the other hand, Sara can pull out the rapid-fire SMG to use in close range.

. Jet

Jet is the most agile character in Shadowgun War Games. Think of him as the high mobility harasser. He is quite dodgy and uses speed to outmaneuver opponents instead of attacking head-on. You will find him very useful in close-quarter battle.

Jet’s primary firearm is a Griffon pistol that works well in mid-range. He also has a Jabberwock shotgun that can be lethal to lower HP characters when shot in point-blank range.

In terms of abilities, here’s what to expect from Jet.

  • Blink: You will be able to teleport for a short distance in the direction Jet is facing with this ability. Blink to steal the flag, chase an enemy that’s trying to run away, or when you want to get away from danger.
  • Time Rift: With this skill, Jet travels to a parallel timeline where no one can harm him. Use this ability when the enemy team can’t see you coming so that you can pop-out and surprise them.

When playing as a Jet, use the element of surprise to your advantage. After all, that’s what this character is all about. Try to be like an annoying fly that the rival team tries to swat, but you won’t just go away. Jet is also very effective at weakening the opposing team if you use him to target support heroes and snipers.

. Slade

Our Shadowgun War Games tips, tricks and character guide would be incomplete without talking about Slade. If you have played other games in the Shadowgun series, then you might already be familiar with John Slade, the most prized bounty hunter in the galaxy. He is the best character to start and learn the game with thanks to having an assault rifle and SMG loadout that makes him effective at long-range, mid-range, and short-range. Generally, Slade can do just about everything, a jack of all trades but master of none style character, if you will. However, with his average HP, he is better off attacking from mid to long-range. For the most part, try using the SMG with unlimited ammo and conserve your bullets on the assault rifle.

When it comes to special abilities, Slade offers the following:

  • Grenade: Perfect for taking out multiple targets, grenades deliver area of effect damage. If you must take out single combatants, first weaken your targets with the SMG rifle then hurl a grenade for the final blow.
  • Regeneration: The regeneration skill works by injecting Slade with some painkillers that recover some of his health. Use this ability after taking damage to sustain your attacks.

Keep in mind that Slade shoots all the time and has high-rate of fire. So, be sure to look out for ammo packs to reload his assault rifle.


That sums up our Shadowgun War Games tips, tricks, and character walkthrough guide for beginners. If you want to experience what it is like to play Shadowgun War Games on PC, check out our installation instruction guide at the beginning of this post.


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