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Strategic RPG

There has been an upsurge of strategic role-playing games (SRPGs) in recent years, and Shadow Seven for PC or mobile from Neptune Company is yet one more great addition in the genre. It offers turn-based combat where two teams fight each other on a chess-like board with cards that represent player avatars. As the title suggests, your task is to control seven commanders (also known as mercenaries) under the leadership of one captain. Besides striking enemy cards, your deck of champions can also cast spells.

When it comes to the gameplay mechanics, Shadow Seven is easy to learn. Once you place your hero cards on the battlefield, both sides take turns to either attack or take a defensive stance. Additionally, each fighter’s card has two stats represented by a number. The blue coded digit is the ATK stat that indicates the attack power or damage inflicted on enemies. On the other hand, the red number is your HP, which represents the damage your character can withstand. Each time you are under attack, the latter stat keeps diminishing by the value that is equivalent to the attacking enemy’s ATK power. Dropping the HP of any enemy card to zero eliminates it from the game.

The goal in Shadow Seven is to take out the enemy captain and his team of mercenaries. Of course, the first side to do this wins, so there is a lot of tactical thinking when it comes to prioritizing your attacks.

Immersive Storyline & Character Roster

Once you install Shadow Seven for PC or mobile, you can start to learn about the game’s plot through comic-style dialogues that happen between the characters. Although the voice artists speak in Japanese, there are English subtitles that make it easy to understand what is going on and how the story unfolds.

In a nutshell, your squad of fighters represents the Seven Kingdoms. They will go up against a series of evil monsters that are trying to resurrect the Devil King, who remains sealed away.

Although Shadow Seven limits the number of fighters you can have on the battlefield at any given time, there are more than two dozen characters to collect. You can also build a deck comprising of common, rare, epic, and legendary mercenaries or captains.

All the warriors have unique skills and spells. For instance, some of them heal or provide a boost in ATK and HP to allies, while others unleash stun de-buffs. The range and movement patterns of different troops also vary. For example, rogues are quite agile and excellent at infiltration. A wizard will strike from a distance, and archers can even jump over enemies to attack units in the backline.

What’s more, you will be able to equip your captains with a weapon and a shield. Keep in mind, though, that these items are not available from the onset. Once you complete some stages, you will be able to equip your captains with gear.

It is also worth noting that Shadow Seven features a gacha system when it comes to getting characters. Every day, you get a chance to recruit three random heroes. Some of them are free to obtain, while others will require you to spend gold or gems.

Different Game Modes

Apart from the PvE storyline quests, Shadow Seven also offers PvP battles. Before you delve into real-time battles against players from over the world, you will have to complete several stages of the primary campaign. Moreover, leveling up unlocks other game modes like the character saga, costume saga, and events.

The great thing about Shadow Seven is that it starts with a very illustrative tutorial. As such, beginners will find it very easy to learn how to play the game. There is also an auto-battle mode for those who prefer to focus more on managing the deck with key decisions like which characters to upgrade or what spells to acquire.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Shadow Seven on PC

  • Position Your Battle Lineup Strategically

Every character you have in your deck moves in a particular pattern. Therefore, take the time to study any new unit to find out if it fits in with the rest of your cards. Ideally, you want to position your troops so that they can attack the strongest units easily while at the same time protecting your captain.

  • Upgrade the Captains

In Shadow Seven, captains are the most valuable players. Not only do these troops have the highest ATK power, but they also have to stay alive during battles, or else your team loses instantly. As a result, it is essential to constantly upgrade your captains. You can use currency and fragments to improve their stats.

  • Open Boxes as Soon as Possible

After each match, you receive a battle chest with coins and plenty of useful loot that you can use to improve your game. There are three chest slots, but you unlock the fourth one after reaching level 12. These boxes become available for opening after a while. However, make sure to open them as soon as possible because it will not be possible to get more chests once your slots are full.

  • Maximize Gem Collection

Try to collect as many gems as possible because these are the premium currency in Shadow Seven. You’ll need them to obtain mercenaries from the gacha, upgrade your characters, or buy gem boxes. Besides achievement and mission rewards, you can get free gems from watching video ads or the daily spin.


About Shadow Seven:

Shadow Seven belongs to a crop of games known as SRPGs (strategy role-playing games), which offer a chess-like gameplay experience where tactical thinking reigns supreme. In this particular version, you will control 2D characters and do battle with a team of enemies in PvE or PvP matches. Engage in a highly-charged storyline comprising of cute anime-characters with voice acting and full English translations. Although the battles are turn-based, Shadow Seven has plenty of gameplay depth. You have to build a powerful team, constantly upgrade your roster, make tactical battle lineup decisions, and collect spells. Overall, if you have played games like Dragon Heroes Tactics or Legends of Runeterra, then you'll feel right at home with Shadow Seven.

Developer: Neptune Company
Download: Android or iOS

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