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How to play Shadow Fighter Legend on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A Battle between Stickmen

Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Shadow Warrior? Have a blast battling for this coveted title in the epic stickman action fighting game known as Shadow Fighter Legend. In this Shootergameball creation, all you have to do is control a stickman who must battle an endless onslaught of deadly stickmen. As enemies keep coming from both directions, you have to strike and knock them off the ledge. You will have an easy time seeing the attackers coming when playing Shadow Fighter Legend for PC on a wide display. Fighting with bare hands or while wielding a weapon, your stick ninja must lay waste to every adversary or else meet a horrifying demise.

Complete Various Missions

Whether you prefer to play Shadow Fighter Legend for PC or on your handheld device, there are several missions to complete in the game. Text instructions about the mission appear on the screen at the beginning of each battle. The missions usually consist of three goals. For instance, your mission may be to 1) collect a set number of coins, 2) kill x-number of red or green enemies, and 3) earn a certain score. Completing missions gives you the opportunity to fight special characters called examiners. If you defeat these more formidable challengers, you earn various belts as proof of your fighting skills.

Plenty of Rewards to Claim

As you win more battles, you also earn various rewards. Besides gold coins and belts, you can unlock weapons such as the bow & arrow, spears, swords, axes and curved blades, just to name a few. Protective headgear and other types of body armor are also up for grabs. Over time, you can build an arsenal of weapons and armor. This will help you to fight better and prepare your ninja stickman for the tougher levels.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Shadow Fighter Legend on PC

Shadow Fighter Legend is a game that requires precision strikes in order for you to defeat foes and advance to higher levels. Practicing the tips and tricks shared below will help you win most of your battles and advance further into the game:

  • Time Your Attacks

In Shadow Fighter Legend for PC, you need to time your attacks to strike enemies successfully. Avoid rapid tapping as this may cause attackers to get too close and spike you or literally tear your stickman from limb to limb. The right time to strike is when the black spot under each enemy turns white.

  • Pick up Coins Quickly

Coins emerge for a brief period on the ledge during battles. If you have to collect this resource as part of your mission, move quickly in the direction of any coins to pick them up before they disappear. Just keep your eyes peeled so you do not miss an opportunity to increase your coin tally.

  • Focus on the Mission

It is easy to get carried away by the combat action when engaging in fast-paced stickman ninja battles. Sometimes the mission instructions can be tricky, so you must read them keenly and understand what to do. For instance, you may be required to reach a target score without collecting coins. So, don’t just fight aimlessly. Focus on achieving the mission at hand.

  • How to Defeat Examiners

Examiners are a bit tricky to defeat because they behave like green and red enemies. Do not be in a hurry to attack since most of the time they tend to jump to the other side or back-up to evade strikes. Time your strikes and arm yourself with the most lethal weapon in your collection to defeat examiners and earn your achievement belts.


About Shadow Fighter Legend:

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