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Simple Empire Simulation Game

If it is your first time exploring the world of fantasy RPGs, there is no better introduction than the Secrets of Empire for PC. Unlike the fast-paced and battle complex traditional fantasy RPGs, this game is lighter mechanically offering laid-back play.

The game begins after the Knights, Frost, and Conquerors empires joined forces and created a peaceful federation. After the appointed leader of this federation (head of Russian business chamber) loses all his children, he goes in search of his illegitimate son (you), a penniless young lad who gets promoted to the empire’s Governor. Your newly appointed role will include ruling and managing the kingdom as well as making a name for yourself.

There is a ton to do in the game, including clearing stages of play, managing government affairs at the assembly hall, taking on quests, earning achievements, and more. There are also several places to visit in your empire (suburbs, hall of glory, guild, etc.), each offering different aspects of play.

Work on Expanding Your Empire

What better way is there for a young man to impress his newly found father than to expand the empire that was bequeathed to him? In Secrets of Empire, it is expected of you to expand your inherited empire. Featured in the game is a map with 13 cities and the option of 260 battles.

Besides providing the chance to flourish and grow your empire, going on battles is a way of strengthening your army. As you complete battles, your men become more experienced.

Manage Your Personal Life

What do governors in Secrets of Empire do when not ruling the kingdom or leading armies to war? Well, continuing the royal bloodline, of course. Part of what you will be doing in the game includes meeting and dating beautiful women from all over the region. You are allowed to marry all of them and father children that you will raise to become wise leaders. Later on, you can marry your heirs off to your allies to strengthen your political bonds even more.

Tips & Tricks of Playing Secrets of Empire on PC

  • Do not Rule with an Iron Fist

If you become a dictator in this game, it will only be a matter of time before your subjects band together to overthrow you. Therefore, it is advisable to become a king of the people in Secrets of Empire. Forge alliances, join parties, and socialize with the wealthy people of the region. Forging a vast network of loyal and powerful allies will make it impossible for the enemy to succeed in taking down your empire.

  • Recruit Advisors

Behind every great leader, there is an even greater logistician. Every leader needs a brilliant mind to bounce ideas off and debate delicate governing matters. In Secrets of Empire for PC, the game starts you off with Alp, a loyal general and Al-Farabi, a wise advisor. Later on, you will get the opportunity to recruit exemplar knights, faithful servants, fearless warriors, and smart strategists. Make sure to obtain these characters because they will all play a crucial role in bolstering your success as the king.

  • Fights are an Excellent Way to Earn Currency in the Game

Every battle won in the game earns you several gold coins that you can use on anything from recruiting more men to upgrading the ones you already have. Soldiers fight automatically in the game. Additionally, battles spread over several stages. As long as your troops are more and mightier than the enemy’s, you will win your battles. There is a versus button at the top of the screen. You can click it to check the army stats (i.e., the number of troops and might) of both you and the enemy.
Another option for fights includes time-limited challenges. There is a button for accessing these challenges on the right side of the screen.

  • Visit Assembly Hall Regularly

To keep going in Secrets of Empire, you will need gold to trade for items in the game, food to feed your people, and troops to fight for and protect your empire. You can obtain all three resources at the assembly hall for free. The collection count restores automatically from time to time. Therefore, you only need to visit the assembly hall regularly to collect the items.


About Secrets of Empire:

If you are a big fan of simulation RPGs that play out like a digital novel, then Secrets of Empire is one entertainment app that is definitely for you. Experience life a as a king in this tale of royalty as you work hard to grow your kingdom. The storyline is full of interesting characters and will keep you engaged. Players get to manage their empire, supervise the council, recruit generals, appoint ministers, command an army, conquer cities, and marry beauties to sire heirs for the thrown. Overall, Secrets of Empire is a good game that is easy to win. The gameplay mostly involves clicking away to carry out various activities. It is also a game that is hard to put down because there is always something to do.

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