Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

Download and Play “Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Become the Wealthiest Tycoon

Are you looking to become the ultimate sailor? If you think you do, Seaport-Explore, Collect and Trade is the best pick for you. This is one simulation game that you will truly enjoy. Not only will it stimulate your gaming skills but it will also give you a chance to manage a transport business. If you have always wanted to be the boss and in control of the largest fleet of ships then this game will give wings to your fantasies. It does not matter whether you want to explore the unknown lands or build up the port, there is so much you can do with this game. Forget about relaxing on the beach, your fleet of ship awaits!

Build Your Own Port

If you are able to become a wealthy tycoon then you will build your own port. This will give you an opportunity to grow the ship collection. It is also possible to take in contracts from other sailors and earn a bountiful of rewards. No matter how you choose to play this game, there is so much to enjoy and discover. It is also easy to Download Seaport- Explore, Collect & Trade For PC in order to learn all the basic of cargo trade. This game takes you into a whole new world, one that you will definitely want to conquer.

Enjoy All Navy Features

Just like the game’s title suggests, you will do a lot of exploring, collecting and trading. Jampacked with the very best of features, seaport offers new content for all of its players on a weekly basis. Not only will this add excitement to your gameplay but you will also be able to build up your skills in the best ways. There is an abundance of fleet management, expansion of your fleet, accepting contracts from famous sailors and explorers as well as trading with friends. Think that is all? If you Download Seaport- Explore, Collect & Trade For PC, you will purchase real, historic ships.

Tips and Ticks For Playing Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade

This amazing world of sea transport business will let you explore and establish a successful business. To thrive in Seaport, you have to be wise and savvy with all of your resources. Here are the ultimate tips and tricks for any player:

· Establish primary buildings
Buildings require a handful of resources that can be acquired through upgrades. Whenever you are in a position to establish a building-build!

· Level-up
If you are on the lowest level, it is impossible to access many of the buildings in Seaport. Therefore, level up to get access privileges.

· Complete tasks
Do not leave any tasks incomplete. Check which tasks are easy to complete and complete them all? For instance, you may choose to first collect cost treasure, upgrade your ships and eventually upgrade the town hall. The captain has a checklist of the tasks to follow. Complete them to the latter.

· Grab floating barrels
When waiting for your ships to come back to port, do not idle around. Instead, grab any floating barrels that you see and tap on them to uncover their secrets.

· Search the treasure piles
As you play, you will discover treasure piles in the ocean. Send out a ship to collect the pile when you find it.

About Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade:

Developer: Pixel Federation
Download: Android and iOS