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How to play Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Anime-Style MMORPG


EYOUGAME, the publisher of famous titles such as Light Chaser, Soul Destiny, Yokai Tamer, and Elora’s Raid, is the same team behind a new anime-style MMORPG called Scroll of Onmyoji: Skakura & Sword. In this instalment, you take on the role of a sword-wielding warrior who is on a mission to save the world.


You will traverse a virtual world, summoning spirits, having conversations with NPCs and accepting their missions to help them fight monsters. Some of the characters will enhance your abilities while others give you vital information. With every task you complete, your character earns EXP, coins, spirit power, helmets, hair reed, treasure, and so much more. All the while, you will not only increase combat power (CP) but also unlock new skills and features as the adventure unfolds.


Engaging Fantasy Storyline


MMORPGs usually have intriguing storylines, and Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword for PC or mobile is no exception. Therefore, this game has a backstory that gives a bit of premise as to why you are fighting a never-ending wave of enemies. There is a war going on in this realm, and it all started when a group of deities decided to gang up against a god called Ghana because they were envious of not receiving the same amount of love from the ‘creator’. As a result, the veil between yin and yang broke, unleashing ghosts, demons and ghosts into the human world.


Although chaos reigns everywhere, the Onmyoji are humankind’s last hope. These skilled people can see spirits, cast spells, and cross the two worlds of yin and yang. Together with witches, they formed the Mitama Garden to fight off against monsters. So, you join in the adventure as one of the Onmyoji who is out to protect world peace and stop the invasion of dark forces.


Unique Marriage and Baby System Gameplay


Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword for PC and mobile aims to offer a unique experience by allowing players to literary create a family. Two players of the opposite gender who have reached level 180 and with an intimate value of more than 520 can form a special bond. Once you connect with your soul mate, you can go on to host a simple, grand or luxurious wedding. What’s more, the marriage system unlocks exclusive partner missions, and hidden places on the map just meant for couples.


In Scroll of Onmyoji, there is also a cute baby system, which lets married couples raise a child together. You will get the chance to witness the transformation of different babies as they grow. As the children mature, you can bring along them on adventures and battles.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword on PC

  • Collect Artifacts

There are three vital types of artifacts to collect in this game, namely treasure runes, weapons, and astrolabe. These resources will become available as you progress through the game, so you don’t have to worry about spending money to acquire them. Make sure to consume artifacts because they unlock passive skills that will come in handy during battle.


  • Join a Guild

The social gameplay in Scroll of Onmyoji is not just limited to the marriage and cute baby systems. Another way to interact with players is by joining a guild. Take your time to select an active group because that is the best way to take advantage of the many community features that this game has to offer. From the guild headquarters, you can also chat with friends, or join festivals and dance parties. There are also guild missions to look forward to, where you get a chance to team up against the boss or defeat powerful monsters.


  • Upgrade Your Onmyoji / Witch

Once you have adequate resources, remember to upgrade your character. Besides increasing combat power (CP), this also enhances other player attributes like ATK, DEF, and HP.


  • Summon Your Shikigami

In conclusion, it is essential to master how to summon your Shikigami during battle because this will be helpful when you find yourself in a tight spot. However, you can only make this move after collecting enough spirit fragments. The Shikigami god offers two attributes, namely transformation and combat power. Consequently, summoning this spirit will give you extraordinary defense and attack skills that can change the tide of a battle.


About Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword:

If you are a big fan of anime-style MMORPGs, then Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword might be worth checking out. It has stunning graphics, an engaging storyline, and features some of the best voice actors from Japan and China to offer players an immersive experience. Automated battles make this game very easy to play, and it has some interesting features like finding a soul mate and raising babies.

Developer: EYOUGAME
Download: Android or iOS

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