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Funny Game of Mischievous Adventures

Scary Robber Home Clash is an adventure game where you take on the role of Brian, a young, mischievous boy who sneaks out of summer camp and heads back home only to walk in on two robbers (Felix & Lester) in his house. With his parents away on a cruise, Brian takes a stand and decides to teach the thieves a lesson they will never forget.

Unlike the usual style of adventure games where you embark on a series of puzzle-solving missions, Scary Robber Home Clash is a bit different. It challenges you to complete objectives that involve pulling funny pranks on robbers.

The game takes place in an open-world style interactive house where you get a first-person perspective during play. Gameplay takes on a lighthearted tone with endless replayability where you can repeat a failed objective until you get it right.

Features Easy Directed Gameplay

While some of the levels in Scary Robber Home Clash are hard, you will not be flying blind. For starters, the game will take you through a quick tutorial. It comes quite in handy because you learn all the basics like how to move around, open doors, rotate the view, and grab items.

In case you find yourself stuck, the game has a hint button you can press for clues on what to do next. Using the hint button however requires you to use up a star, which is one of the game’s trading currencies.

Lots of Rooms to Explore

Brian’s house is huge. It comprises of a garage, a spacious downstairs area with multiple rooms, several upstairs bedrooms, workout room, and game room. Therefore, there are plenty of spaces to explore, and this adds some thrill to the game. You have to search through the entire house for the items needed to complete a prank. The tricky part, though, is doing this while trying to stay out of Felix and Lester’s radar. Luckily, there are also multiple doors for getting in and out of the house, making it easy to come and go without running into the robbers.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Scary Robber Home Clash on PC

• Avoid Getting Caught

One good thing with Scary Robber Home Clash is that there are no dire consequences to getting caught by the thieves. The round starts all over again, giving you another shot at completing the set objective. That said, the gameplay is so much fun if you can wreak havoc while you remain hidden in the shadows. Therefore, it will be worth your while if you challenge yourself to evade capture.

The game provides a constant live feed of where the robbers are and what they are doing on a small section at the top left corner of the screen. You can use this resource to avoid running into them.

• Grab Stars as You Move

In this game, stars are a valuable resource that you can use to buy hints and items. The stars are awarded during play but can also be collected as you go. They are scattered all over the game (garage, closet, driveway, etc.), so make sure to keep your eyes open.

• Watch Ads

In Scary Robber Home Clash, you will pull all manner of pranks on Felix and Lester. To accomplish these pranks, however, you will need to buy a bunch of items. The required supplies include red & white paste, lock pick, key, foam spray, glue, and cheese, to name just a few.

Nothing comes free, so be prepared to spend coins to set up pranks. Unfortunately, the items cost quite an amount (mostly 75 and 100 coins per item). On the other hand, you only get 50 coins after a successful round. Therefore, make sure to double your rewards by watching ads at the end of all successful rounds. The game also occasionally offers the option of watching videos for free stars.

• Watch out for Useable Items

Buying items is not the only option to get what you need for a given objective. You will find tools such as bear trap, crowbar, hammer, and screwdriver lying about all around the house. A room-by-room search should get you the required items for a particular round.


About Scary Robber Home Clash:

If you happen to be a fan of the Home Alone movies, you will love Scary Robber Home Clash. The game is a lot like the movies down to the humorous ways in which Brian takes down Lester and Felix. The controls are easy to learn, allowing for straightforward gameplay even for beginners. There are also plenty of objectives to complete thanks to a recent update, which saw Scary Robber Home Clash add new levels of play. So, jump in and find out how long you can terrorize the robbers right under their noses.

Developer: Z & K Games
Download: Android or iOS

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