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How to play Samurai Master on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Adventure Filled Samurai War

Samurai Master is an exciting RPG developed by VNG Game Publishing. The Vietnam-based company is also behind popular games like PUBG Mobile VN and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Some of their titles also come with a PC version, a good example being DEAD TARGET VR: Zombie Intensified which is available on Steam.

As of this review, VNG Game Publishing has not yet hinted at releasing Samurai Master for PC. However, it is still possible to install the game on your Windows or Mac device, as explained above.

But, enough with the platforms designed to support this game. You must be wondering, “what it is about?” Well, Samurai Master is a role-playing game with a Japanese Sengoku storyline. It takes place during turbulent times when different clans are fighting each other. Therefore, you must embody a warlord and recruit a team of combatants to clash with all kinds of monsters and opponents.

Turn-Based Combat

Samurai Master may be a 3D combat RPG, but it also uses a card system. Over time, you can build a deck with 100 legendary heroes. Each warrior comes with unique abilities. Some characters use their bare hands while others wield swords, bow & arrow, spears, wands, magic staffs, spears, and many other cool weapons.  Therefore, the game always has something new for players to try.

On the other hand, the mission goals tend to vary. Sometimes you may be going up against big bosses and hostile clans, while in other occasions, the purpose behind battle is to rescue kidnapped innocents.

As for the fighting action, battles are turn-based.  What that means is that two opposing sides take turns to pull off a defensive or attacking move. The number of fighters that can be on your team depends on how far you are in the game. Everyone begins with three heroes in the early stages. But, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh slots open up at levels 9, 16, 25 & 40 respectively.

Another fantastic aspect of Samurai Warrior is that you can take part in PvP battles. A refreshing break from the story campaigns, cross-server clan wars pit two teams against each other.  The guild that wins takes away great rewards.

Amazing Graphics & Animations

Besides having an entertaining backstory and action-packed battles, the graphics in Samurai Warrior are fantastic. Creatively composed, the tiny fighters in this game highlight Japanese Chibi Manga art-style. Many of them may be adorable, but there are some mean looking villains as well.

What’s more, the battle effects are quite mesmerizing. Two fighters can merge their powers and transform to deliver a  massive attack. Overall, the animations in Samurai Master add that extra pizzazz we have come to expect from 3D games.

Finally, the game world in Samurai Master is vast and full of picturesque locations. Other than recruiting new heroes, you can customize the fighters in your deck with cool costumes.  You can also acquire winged creatures, which serve as a means of transport for your heroes.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Samurai Master on PC

  • Level Up Heroes & Gear

It is essential to note that in Samurai Master, you have no control over the heroes once a fight starts.  The team that has better stats stands a better chance of coming out victorious. As a result, make sure to level up your heroes and upgrade their gear.  Keep in mind that this requires spending the rewards you earned from clearing previous levels. In return, upgrades improve hero and equipment attributes such as HP, ATK, MDEF (magical defense), and PDEF (physical defense).

  • Select a Balanced Team

With big bosses, terrible monsters, and hordes of opponents determined to get in your way, a good strategy in Samurai Master is to form a coherent team. Consequently, it is prudent to select a diverse group of heroes who have different skills that complement each other. For instance, a good tactic is to include both offensive and defensive players in your squad.

  • Employ Strategic Formations

Another essential tip to remember in this game is placing your fighters are in a strategic formation. When it comes to turn-based games, a general rule of thumb is having tanks (that is fighters who can take a lot of damage) in the front line.  With this approach, you can protect your best-attacking warriors in the back line.


About Samurai Master:

Samurai Warrior comes with all the hallmarks of an immersive combat RPG. Players can be part of an intriguing adventure set during the Japanese Sengoku period. If you enjoy a good story, the character conversations with subtitles will keep you entertained. In addition, the game offers 100 fierce warriors to choose from, amazing battle effects, and challenging cross server guild wars. You won’t be bombarded with an overwhelming list of skills and combat moves to learn. Instead, playing is simple thanks to this game’s automated fighting system. To win, you must employ good tactics and work towards building an all round strong team of fighters.

Developer: VNG Games Publishing
Download: Android or iOS

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