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Combat RPG Based on Japanese Sengoku War

The team at VNG Game Publishing has released yet another fantastic turn-based RPG known as Samurai Era Rise of Empires. It is quite similar to one of their previous titles called Samurai Master, but with a few subtle differences.

The game takes players back in time during the Sengoku Jidai period, or the age of the warring states. Four of the most ruthless warlords in Japan are battle for power and control of the land. Your role in the game is to join one of the factions and help it win the war. Sent by the Dojo Master of the Samurai, you possess extraordinary skills, including the ability to absorb the souls of generals you’ve defeated in battle.

Besides the epic storyline missions, you will also have a chance to compete in cross-server battles against other human players in real-time.

Endless Turn-Based Combat Missions

When it comes to the gameplay, Samurai Era Rise of Empires is a turn-based combat RPG. You assemble a party of fighters to take to battle, select a formation, and fight the enemy side.
During each team’s turn, every member makes a move that either deals damage or sets up defenses against the other side’s attacks.

You will also see a life bar above each combatant that is on the battlefield. Once it depletes, the corresponding player dies and disappears from the arena. The objective of all fights is to wipe out the other fighters before they do the same to your team.

Cute Art style

As for the art style, this game features chibi manga graphics. The warriors at war may look cute or tiny but make no mistake. These fierce miniature fighters are skilled in the art of combat. What’s more, you will have a wide range of battle talents at your disposal, from the Samurai swordsmen to mages and more.

The graphics effects during battle are flashy, thus adding that extra pizzazz to the gameplay. Additionally, players are in for a relaxing treat thanks to the soothing oriental soundtracks that play in the background.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Samurai Era Rise of Empires on PC

  • Keep Upgrading Your Characters

It is essential to keep upgrading your Samurai warriors because that makes them more formidable in battle. Once you gather enough resources, head over to the hero section to level-up your fighters. Upgrades increase attributes like attack (ATK), health points (HP), as well as physical and magic defense (PDEF & MDEF). On the other hand, new talents unlock after you tier-up a fighter.

  • Summon Your Shikigami

One of the intriguing features in this game is the ability to summon gods that bolster your strength in battle. You will discover different Shikigami as the story advances. When facing enemies that are hard to beat, you can always call upon these gods and goddesses to give your legion a buff.

  • Know Your Fighters

Summoners, warriors, ninjas, and more, there are all kinds of characters in the Samurai Era Rise of Empires game. Make sure to master each fighter’s strengths. For instance, characters that inflict plenty of damage while having high HP at the same time would excel as frontline tanks. You may also need support units such as healers or characters that buff skills for other combatants. Understanding the skills that each fighter offers is vital because this will help come up with strategic battle formations and make effective use of your battle warriors.


About Samurai Era Rise of Empires:

If you are looking for an adventure-filled turn-based RPG, Samurai Era Rise of Empires is a fantastic pick. In this game from VNG studios, you will be part of an epic storyline that features a rich Japanese cultural theme and history. Events take place during the Sengoku Jidai period when four warlords are fighting each other for control over Japan. In your epic journey, you will cross paths with historically famous generals of the Great War of Japan, recruit Samurai warriors, and lead your army to conquer the land. To create an empire that will dominate the Sengoku Basara era, you will also have to keep upgrading your characters, absorbing enemy souls, and leveling up Shikigami. Start your adventure now, and enjoy the rich storyline missions as well as PvP guild wars.

Developer: VNG Game Publishing
Download: Android or iOS

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