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How to play SAINT SEIYA SHINING SOLDIERS on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Turn-Based 1v1 Combat Game

Saint Seiya may have started as a manga comic book, but over the years, it morphed into a series of video games with a large following. The latest release for mobile brings something new to the table. It’s called Saint Seiya Shinning Soldiers, and you can play it even on PC by following the installation instructions shared in this post.

If you are wondering what to expect, well, this is a one-on-one combat game. As a result, two players do battle by controling a mystical warrior known as a Saint. However, you have to recruit Saints by rolling the gacha before embarking on the quest to clinch the title of the worlds’ strongest warrior.

The fighting action can go on for multiple rounds. You are also free to summon more than one warrior. Knock out every opponent, and you will win the matches. Keep in mind, though, that the combat is turn-based. So, that means you can only make your move after the opponent finishes.

Whether you opt to play Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers for PC or mobile, be prepared for a challenging game. You have to pull your best moves if you want to win. It is an engaging encounter of dolling out your best attacks and countering what the enemy has to offer with defensive moves. Additionally, the fighting is in real-time, so you go up against players from all over the world.


Story-Based Dialogues

The developers of this game, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., added a story mode with comic-style dialogues to enrich the experience for players. Therefore, you can expect cut-scenes to pop-up in between levels or just before you start a new battle.

Your adventure will commence in the Cosmo Chronicle Episode, which thrusts you into the Saint Seiya world. One chapter after the other, you will learn more about the characters as conversations unfold. Famous scenes from the anime also play out, allowing fans to relive the whole experience all over again.


Amazing 3D Graphics & Combat Animation Effects

Another aspect to love about this game is that it has fantastic graphics. Bandai Namco brings all your favorite Saint Seiya warriors to life as stunning 3D models. The fighters also don flashy and colorful outfits. You will go into battle wearing sacred sets of armor with dazzling metallic shine, better known as cloths. Besides making your warriors look great, these outfits derive energy from various constellations and give the Saints their mystical power.

In the game, players can build up Cosmo energy. Consequently, this will allow you to unleash Seventh Sense Arts moves, complete with flashy visuals that befit a Saint Seiya warrior. And, the best part is that the game lets you marvel at every epic show of might in classic slow motion.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers on PC

  • Complete the Tutorial

The first thing that you need to do when you start to play this game is to finish the tutorial. It not only teaches you the basic battle mechanics, but you also get a chance to win over 1,000 Galaxy Stones (GS) along with free character shards for the warrior known as Sagittarius Ailos. Once you have some GS, you can then begin summoning right away.

  • Choose Your Strongest Saints

When assembling a team, it is smart to go into battle with your strongest heroes because this will increase the chances of winning right off the bat. When forming a party, make sure to select the ‘auto’ and ‘might’ settings. These options will automatically add all the strongest heroes to your battle lineup.

  • Level-Up Heroes and Skills

It is essential to keep upgrading your warriors and skills because that will help you to get stronger in the game. Acquiring multiple copies of the same hero is how you rank-up saints to increase their power. And, there are bonuses to win after ranking-up to certain levels.

When it comes to upgrading hero skills, first, you have to gather a required amount of power-up items. Once you have enough resources, give priority to your top warriors when upgrading abilities. The reason for this is because it will take a bit of time to grind for items. Therefore, read about the various effects that your strongest heroes have and prioritize to improve the most powerful skills.

  • Complete Matches in the Training Arena

Missions in this section will reward you with various resources such as equipment materials, coins, XP, and so much more. Make sure to complete these battles as quickly as possible because there is a time limit, which upon expiry resets the missions.

  • Create Gear for Your Saints

Make your heroes even stronger by crafting equipment for them to use in battle. You will need materials and coins for this, so gather enough first then head over to the equipment creation & buffs tab.



Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers brings one of the most successful manga series to mobile and PC in the form of a 1v1 combat game. Two contestants step into the battlefield in a show of might. Only one comes out victorious in this turn-based combat game. The fun part is that you get to summon Saint Seiya warriors with mystical powers. You can recruit various fighters from the gacha, assemble a team, and send your best fighters to battle. Wining requires a good strategy because you have to take advantage of various character skills and affinities. What’s more, the game offers character progression through upgrades, impressive graphics, and a rich story to keep you entertained.

Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Download: Android or iOS

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