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How to play Royal Idle: Medieval Quest on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Village Building Idle Game

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest is a free to play game that falls under the incremental genre. It is a creation from Kongregate, the same developer behind Powrerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania. In this particular release, you take on the task of building a kingdom by establishing villages from scratch.

Everything you set up will start to earn money. After construction, the gameplay simply involves tapping the buildings in the village to collect your cash.

Besides being easy to play, this game is also a lot of fun. Start your adventure to discover new lands and make lots of money.

Turning Idle Lands into Thriving Towns

In Royal Idle: Medieval Quest, you are the ruler of your own kingdom. The adventure starts after you get a free piece of land to build your first village. You start with setting up a farm. Once built, it will start to produce food that you can then sell to earn money. You will need to set up more facilities too. For instance, the Royal Camp will be your residence. You will also build a harbor where a ship can take produce to the capital for selling. And, it doesn’t end there. There are plenty of other facilities to establish.

The earnings you get from your enterprises will enable you to venture out to new business ideas. Some of these ideas include an inn, a mine, quarry, smithy, and so on.

Reward-Based Gameplay

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest rewards players with various types of in-game currencies after completing quests. They include elixir, emeralds, and coins.

Each resource has its use. For instance, coins build and upgrade your structures. After you upgrade your buildings and other facilities, they earn you more money.

Elixir levels up the villagers you hire. On the other hand, emeralds purchase upgrades from the shop. You can use them when you do not have enough elixirs. However, emeralds are hard to come by, so you should use them wisely.

Additionally, there are cards that you can buy from the shop. These consumable items also move your villagers from one level to the next. Leveled up villagers are excellent for business because they are more productive, leading to more earnings.

The villagers in this case include the farmer, miner, blacksmith, inn keeper, quarryman, mercenary, captain, collector and bailiff. All these workers have a building assigned to them to oversee on your behalf.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Royal Idle: Medieval Quest on PC

  • Watch Video Ads

Like most free-to-play games, Royal Idle: Medieval Quest features video ads. When the offer to watch them appears, make sure to do so because you get free gifts in return. For instance, you can get free coins and elixir using this simple trick.

  • Upgrade Workers

It is essential to constantly upgrade villagers assigned to work on the lands you establish because this increases the effectiveness of your workers. As a result, your produce increases and you earn more.

  • Assign Automation Villagers ASAP

It is also necessary to automate cash collection. Doing so involves hiring or assigning a villager to oversee the activities of each enterprise. Once you appoint a worker, there is no need to tap/click on your assets to collect the coins they mint. You can just sit back and let all your loyal subjects do the heavy lifting as you focus on other more vital things like upgrading your empire and venturing into new lands.

  • Upgrade Villager Cards Sparingly

It is essential to upgrade your villager cards. Doing this increases the number of buildings the corresponding worker can be assigned to. However, some towns will require you to level up a specific number of cards in order to progress. It would be hard to progress with such quests if you have maxed out all your cards. Therefore, you should patient with these types of upgrades.


About Royal Idle: Medieval Quest:

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest is an idle/clicker game that challenges you to build villages from the ground up and turn them into bustling towns, thriving with all kinds of economic activities. Set up farms, quarries, mines, and so much more to earn lots of coins. You will start your adventure in the untouched Forbidden Valley and go on to expand into new lands. Upgrade your buildings and assign villagers to oversee operations to increase your revenue. Overall, the game will test your ability to micromanage resources and deciding how to put them to good use. Download it now to start your adventure of building the richest kingdom in this fantasy medieval realm.

Developer: Kongregate
Download: Android or iOS

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