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How to play Rope Puzzle on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install Rope Puzzle Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play Rope Puzzle on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Unique Puzzle Game to Challenge your Brain

Puzzle games are always a nice treat to pass the time, and Rope Puzzle is no different. Indeed, there are many similar apps out there and not many really stand out. But, what sets this game from One Tap Studio apart from the rest is that it challenges your brain with unique gameplay.

Unlike your average puzzle games, Rope Puzzle does not have you matching items, sliding pieces around, or even navigate your way through a maze. Instead, you are tasked with the duty of rescuing a bunch of stickmen trapped inside a burning house. “How do you do this”, you ask? Well, by draging a rope through a pulley-like system and getting the trapped characters down to a waiting ambulance.

Given the unique mechanics of this puzzle game, you will have to envision solutions in your mind before making any rescue attempts. As a result, its the kind of game that makes you stop and think. The best part is that you can play it on your handheld device or enjoy Rope Puzzle for PC in the comfort of your home.

Watch out for Obstacles

One of the unique aspects of Rope Puzzle is that the setup features attachment points on which you drag a rope around to move the stickmen from one point to another. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because there are obstacles to worry about.

In each round, you will find obstacles strewn randomly around and in between attachment points. These hindrances do not just merely block the rescue path. The obstacles also come in all manner of dangerous items. For example, they may include guns, saws, lasers, bombs, and so on. So, in addition to working on getting the trapped stickmen safely out of danger, you need to do so while avoiding the perils that can harm the stickmen.


Hundreds of Levels to Keep You Engaged

Another amazing aspect of Rope Puzzle is that the gameplay is fun and varied. Although the core mission remains the same, you are presented with hundreds of levels that come with ever changing perils.

Initially, the puzzles start easy with few obstacles. But, as you progress, they get more difficult with each passing level. The path to safety gets longer and more complex while obstacles increase the further ahead you get in the game. Therefore, you constantly  have to come up with new rescue tactics.


Tips and Tricks for Playing Rope Puzzle for PC


  • Think Several Moves Ahead

Like with all puzzle games, playing it cautious and thinking ahead is how you will successfully complete the levels of play in Rope Puzzle. With obstacles and traps lurking at any corner, you must stop to consider what one move will lead to, and the next, and so on. So, only start pulling the rope after you have mapped out a safe path.


  • Scan Levels Before Playing

Rope Puzzle consists of logical puzzles and as such, there are many ways through in each level. A smart play strategy is to scan an entire level before making any move. Doing this will enable you to identify areas that are obstacle-ridden. Consequently, it becomes easy to find the quickest path with the least danger. More importantly, this will prevent issues of you being stuck in between attachment points and consequently failing to complete a level.


  • Do Your Best to Solve Each Puzzle

Lastly, keep in mind that the higher levels in Rope Puzzle get really tough and tricky. So, while the goal is to get every last stickman to safety, at times you will be left with no choice but to sacrifice a few for the many. In such cases, you will just have to settle for getting as many stickmen through as possible.


About Rope Puzzle for PC:

Rope Puzzle is a new crop of games that feature the combination of controlling a rope and avoiding obstacles to complete uniquely challenging puzzles. The stickman characters and simple graphics of the game deliver an interesting experience that you will not find in your average puzzle games. It is just like other puzzles, which feature unique a way of playing that really engages your brain, forcing you to think hard. The best part is that there are over 250 different levels to play. Definitely a must-try for anyone who love this genre of games. You just might find yourself having a hard time putting it down.

Developer: One Tap Studio
Download: Android or iOS

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