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How to play

How to play Romance of The Three Kingdoms on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A Series Like No Other

Known for games like Darkness Rises and AxE: Alliance vs Empire, NEXON Company is a prolific gaming publisher in their own right. They are also the team behind Romance of the Three Kingdom series, a Chinese digital game novel that is all about real-world action. It has introduced us to the most tumultuous time of political machinations and interesting history. You will most certainly enjoy the game and everything it has to offer. It boasts of interesting gameplay and a timeless tale that you will not get tired of enjoying over and over again. This entertaining romp will have you tapping into your “wu zhu”.

Reign Supreme

Whether you decide to Download Romance of the Three Kingdoms for PC or play this game on your mobile phone, you will enjoy the role of being either a kingdom commander or a regional lord. The game does a good job of mixing up interesting war strategies. However, taking up any of these roles is no easy task. Just like the game’s name is a mouthful, it also features an array of buttons, mechanics, and styles of play.

Partake In the Large Scale Battles

The battles are by far the most rewarding aspect of this game. Everything from the build-up to conflicts and the anticipation of getting rid of your enemies adds interesting layers to your gameplay. Romance of the Three Kingdoms will never let you down as far as entertainment is concerned. Unlike other games, here, you will not get bored with tired and clichéd dialogs that may take away from your combat time.

An Intoxicating Mixture of Mechanics

From character-specific quests to the varieties of playing modes, this game will intoxicate you with its mixture of mechanics. With so much going on, it is highly important to get a good understanding of all the controls. As you need to collect money, recruit soldiers and maintain your power base, there is no time to slack. The controls will allow you to enter a skirmish and keep your defenses up at all times. The combination of visual and interface flair will get you hooked. Download Romance of the Three Kingdoms for PC to get a good grip on those controls.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms
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Tips and Tricks for Playing Romance of the Three Kingdom

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a role-playing game that will keep you glued to your mobile or computer screen for all right reasons. True to its legacy, the game is very in-depth. Therefore, these tips and tricks will be highly useful for your gameplay:

· Take a tour

The game requires you to join Cacao, the legend, in his guest. By touring the kingdom’s you will take all of the available powers and assemble your team of commanders. This is the perfect headstart for your game.

· Command your army
Part of your tactical intelligence will be commanding your army in order to group against other opponents. As all players have different strategies, come up with your very best strategy. As you continue playing, you can also upgrade your command skills.

· Go head to head with others
Enjoy PVP action with your army and test your strategies against their players. This way, you will get more rewards and alleviate your power.

· Maintain your domains
Romance of the Three Kingdoms requires you to manage the cities. You will need to upgrade, check on them frequently and collect the available payout.

· Pay attention to the weather
The weather will change with every turn you take and some weather conditions may affect tactics. For instance, your fire tactics are much better with the bright sunny weather. When it is raining, the fire will be less effective.

About Romance of The Three Kingdoms:

Developer: NEXON Company
Download: Android and iOS