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How to play Robot Crash Fight on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A Battle between Machines

Words Mobile has taken vehicular combat to a whole new level with their Android game titled Robot Crash Fight. This battle between combat robots on wheels offers an awesome display of destruction. You will control a machine that looks pretty much like an armored tank but with some amazing 3-D engineering. The combat robots come with cool weapons that look like something straight out of a transformer movie. Your goal is to crush every opponent and be the last robot standing. Keep reading to find out what else to expect from this Android game, including how to play Robot Crash Fight for PC.

Customized Combat Robots

Before heading into battle, you get a chance to design and construct your armored combat robot. The game offers a ton of parts to help you customize your robot’s body, wheels, weapon & combat gadget. For the base, you can choose anything from tank tracks to the usual round tires. The weapon choices are quite incredible. Design your battle tank with a flamethrower and massive steel-pounding hammer to torch and crash all enemies on the battlefield. Alternatively, arm your battle tank with a spear, shocker, metal-grinding chainsaw, laser cannon, and so much more.

Nice Collection of Game Features

Whether you choose to play Robot Crash Fight for PC or mobile, the game’s amazing collection of features will keep you glued to your screen. Players are treated to some decent 3-D graphics and battle simulation effects. When you crash enemy robots in battle, they explode into a ball of fire and dismantle into pieces, all for your enjoyment. With each victorious battle, you earn diamond coins, in-game money, trophies, and treasure chests. Chests contain more cash prizes and extra parts you can use to upgrade your combat robot. Winning the battles will unlock new stages of the game that take the battle to new arenas.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Robot Crash Fight

• Choose Upgrades Carefully
When upgrading your combat robot, make sure to choose highly rated parts. Each new attachment has a star rating. If you want to equip your combat robot with the best gear, choose upgrades that have the most stars.

• Topple Enemy Robots
Getting too close to other combat robots puts your machinery at risk of getting hit. So, when working with a weapon that deals damage from close range, you should pair it with a gadget that will topple enemy robots to neutralize any firepower directed toward your robot. For instance, the electric drill and circular saw work best with gadgets such as the over-turner, shovel, or forklift.

• Watch Your HP
Just below the screen, you will see a green horizontal bar that represents the health of your battle robot. The bar keeps reducing when enemies attack successfully. Keep an eye on it. If your combat robot’s HP is getting low, strike and run or circle around enemy robots to avoid taking more damage.

• Speed up Chest Opening
Chests take some time to unlock. You may have to wait for up to 3 hours. If you are not patient, use your diamond coins to open chests instantly and collect your rewards.


About Robot Crash Fight:

Developer: Words Mobile
Download: Android or iOS

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