Ristar On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “Ristar” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Introducing Ristar…

SEGA’s latest attempt to bring game consoles to life has made a positive impact amongst many players. After dropping some cryptic clues about Ristar, the manufacturer has finally delivered and guess what; this mobile game will surpass your expectations. Named after Japan’s shooting star, Ristar is a game that is meant for those who love using their hands to fight off enemies. Added to SEGA’s forever game collection, Ristar may be one of the best performers that has ever been played. Whether you choose to play the game on your mobile phone or Download Ristar for PC, you will still have the same breathtaking experience.

The Amazing Concept

The game is centered on Ristar, the son of a legendary hero who has been captured. As such, you will assume the role of this powerful hero. However, Ristar’s job is not easy at all. As the solar system is the last hope for his father, he must travel to all of the seven planets in order to restore hope and rescue his beloved father from Private Greedy. The game introduces a fun aspect when it makes it possible for the hero to stretch his elastic arms to grab his enemies and head butt them. He also has extraordinary long limbs that make it easy for him to climb on top of walls and swing out of danger. Download Ristar for PC to enjoy more of this hero.

Discover a Whole New World

Mobile Game Ristar will immerse you in a new world of existence, here you will be able to experience new creatures on each planet and interact with them as you desire, most of the time, fighting against them for survival. The game brilliantly combines action, combat, and strategy in ways that will keep you attentive and on your feet. This star-shaped adventure will have you fighting in ways that you never knew you could. The rule is simple, grasp anything within reach and make the most of it. All of the planets have different themes and this also adds an interesting aspect to your adventure. The game’s unique graphic effects speak volumes of it.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Ristar

Traveling the galaxy as Ristar and trying to save your father from Pirate Greedy is very interesting. However, in order to remain victorious in your venture, consider those these tips and tricks:

• Save the game at your latest point before closing it
When playing, you can pause and save the game at any moment. However, if you do not save your latest point before exiting the game, you will lose your rating and be forced to start again. In order to continue playing from where you left off, save the game.

• Always keep an eye on your score
The game reflects your score on the top left corner. As such, it will be showing you how close you are from completing the mission. Once successfully completed, you will be able to level up.

• Stay alive
The stars rating system is an indication of the number of lives that you have left. Always try to keep it at its maximum potential amount in order to always be at a good gaming position at all times. Do everything you can to stay alive.

About Ristar:

Developer: SEGA
Download: Android and iOS