Revived Witch for PC – How to Install on Mac or Windows

Combat Exploration ARPG

Revived Witch is a fun adventure RPG from the same developer that brought us Arknights. In this release, you get thrust into a fictional realm where a mysterious tower with magical powers popped up from nowhere. The strange thing about is that countless people go in but never come out.

You play the role of a maiden witch who does not remember anything after awakening in the dark forest. To gain back your memories, you have to enter the tower and explore it. That’s where the entire adventure begins.

The game allows you to explore various locations in a dungeon crawler-like format. Once you begin the main adventure, you will explore various floors of the Chrono Tower in Chapter 1. Here, you will collect mirror shards to unravel the mystery. In the second chapter, you will battle enchanted plants in the forest and ruins of Irminsul.

As you progress, new locations will unlock where you walk around looking for treasure chests, mana, and other kinds of chapter-specific loot. Sometimes you will meet NPCs and have captioned dialogues that advance the story. On the other hand, you will constantly encounter foes and hostile magical artifacts or creatures that deny passage until you beat them in battle.

Heroes & Combat

Battle preparation in Revived Witch is twofold. Firstly, you get to work on acquiring heroes by rolling the gacha. Secondly, the game requires players to create formations that heroes use when engaging enemies in battle.

Three heroes jump into the starting lineup whenever a fight ensues. If any of them dies, there is no need to worry because three more backup characters are available to step in. You also have an additional hero that jumps into buff abilities for other teammates.

During battles, there are two types of skill energy that accrue automatically over time. All combat moves also have an energy cost.

Once the order energy bar fills up with enough points for casting a particular order skill, it becomes available for use. In the process, your characters gain chaos energy to use even more superior combat moves.

Since battles are automated, Revived Witch offers a hands-off experience. You only need to focus on team composition. However, you can play manually to have more control over skill usage, which comes in handy during boss fights.

When it comes to hero types, there are different ones to recruit such as R, SR, SSR, or UR characters. Besdies varying rarities, heroes have different fighting styles and roles. For example, they can be melee fighters or ranged units.

Heroes in Revived Witch also have skills that you unlock. You can equip them with weapons as well for better performance in battle.

As you equip your characters and complete chapter stages, they get to level up. Once they reach level caps, you can ascend them and their gear to unlock 10 more levels.

Additionally, character evolution is another way to level up and increase star ratings. You will also be able to enchant equipment to change the attributes of your gear.

Charming Audio Visual Effects

One feature that makes Revived Witch stand out from other ARPGs is its art style. The game developers chose to go with dynamic 2D pixel art for battling characters. However, the game features a plethora of combat effects.

The 3D lighting effects and animations are a feast for the eyes. What’s more, this game offers lots of creative and interestingly designed creatures, monsters, and bosses to fight.

You also get to enjoy melodious soundtracks and voice acting during missions. With your headphones and a bigger screen, playing Revived Witch on your PC is the best way to get the most out of this amazing ARPG.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Revived Witch on PC

• Use the Mini-Map

As you explore each area, you will be required to find treasure chests. Make sure to activate the mini-map to help you find these items. Appearing on the upper right corner of your screen, it always shows how many chests you need to collect to complete the current level. You can even expand the map to see where the treasure crates are located.

Other intractable objects like switches, mana drops, teleportation stations, and even enemy locations appear on the mini-map. Therefore, it is a useful tool to help you navigate the game world and find the secrets or treasure chests a lot more easily.

• Create Balanced Teams

The type of heroes you choose to include in your line-ups can either make or break your chances of winning battles. It is essential to be conversant with the different character classes that are available in Revived Witch.

In addition to the main character who is a witch, you can also have guardians in your battle parties. These tanks excel in the frontline by shielding weaker allies. They work well alongside mages and destroyers, who deal high physical and magical damage, respectively.

Assassins deal high-burst damage to target enemies in back rows. It is also essential to balance your team with support units like healers and compellers who specialize in buffs and debuffs.

• Use Character Elements

Although this game offers various character classes to help you mix & match hero skills for better battle performance, this is not the only way to shine in battle. You can also take advantage of elemental lineups.

Heroes in Revived Witch belong to one of three elements, namely Mercury (blue team), Brimstone (red dolls), and Saltstone (yellow units).

If all the characters in your main frontline share the same element, you get a 10% boost in HP, ATK, and DEF stats. When the entire team has the same elemental attribute, this buff rises to 15%. As a result, make sure to take advantage of element buffs to have an edge over enemies in battle.

• Reroll the Gacha

Revived Witch offers four UR heroes in the early stages upon completing the game tutorial. Make sure to aim for some of the best heroes because starting with good fighters in your roster will improve how fast you get to progress in the game. Strong characters like Caledonia and Afallen would be great picks to have early on.

If you don’t get the UR characters you want, just reroll the gacha. The best way to do this is by starting the game using a guest account. You get up to 100 rerolls per account. If you don’t get the heroes you want, just go to the app settings and clear data for the game then log in again using a guest account to repeat the rerolling process.

• Gift Your Characters

Another feature in Revived Witch is the option to gift your dolls. When you treat your characters, affinity towards them will increase. Besides developing a stronger bond, sending gifts will also unlock new storylines for your dolls.

• Get Extra Rewards Whenever Possible

Apart from the rewards you get when playing the main storyline missions and battling foes, you can also get extra loot by completing other tasks in the game. For instance, make sure to visit the Commission Board and finish the quests listed there.
These task objectives are usually based on the storyline activities. You could be required to summon new characters 10 times, enhance a doll to level 20, visit a particular section of the game, and so on to qualify for Commission Board rewards.

Remember to also check for bonus rewards from the 7-day log-in rewards. You can also grind for more loot while playing quests in the Mana Dreamland and Witch Courtyard.

How to play

How to play Revived Witch on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Revived Witch Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Revived Witch on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Revived Witch:

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG and hero collector gacha game that combines an interesting combat system with amazing pixel art graphics. It is about playing the role of a witch who has to travel across enchanted worlds to fulfill her destiny. The locations you explore are crawling with all kinds of monsters, creatures, and magical artifacts that you have to fight. As the game progresses, you will be able to unravel more of the story and assemble heroes from different rarities and classes to battle enemies using strategic team compositions. The game has immersive features like character accession, equipping gear, forging weapons, guilds, and player events. Make sure to download and install Revived Witch on your PC to enjoy it on a bigger screen using the steps shared in this post.

Developer: Yostar Limited.
Download: Android or iOS

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