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Virtual Reality MMO Game

As its name alludes, Rec Room is a virtual recreational facility offering games, hangout spaces, and a creative center. More than a game, Rec Room is a platform where creators can create multiplayer gaming content. It brings players together for fun, entertainment, social interactions, and artistic expression.

The game starts you off by getting you to create your very own avatar. Your avatar takes on a simple design of head, torso, hands, and feet with no neck, arms, and legs. However, you do get to put your personal touch on your avatar. You can choose from a generous array of different skin colors, face, eye & mouth shapes, hairstyles, body shapes, and clothes.

With your avatar ready to go, the game proceeds to take you through a quick orientation where you learn the game’s controls. Included are separate right and left-hand icons for waving, reaching, interacting, and using game objects. There is also a foot-icon for walking and sprinting, plus two avatar icons for jumping, flying, and crouching. The controls make it possible to interact with the game’s surroundings where you can get foodstuff from a vending machine, pick and drop objects, as well as play games.

Diverse Game with Endless Play Possibilities

Rec Room consists of 2 separate modes of play. First off is a host of built-in multiplayer games that come in all genres, including first-person shooters, sports games, and action adventures. They include everything from basketball to target shooting, to laser tag, and even doge ball.

The game also has a rec center where players can go to create things. At the rec center, you use a ‘Maker Pen’ to create whatever you want, be it simple paintings, 3D artwork, or games of your own. Players are given the option of publishing whatever content they create for public consumption by other game users. As a result, Rec Room has a ton of user-generated content ranging from escape rooms to dungeon-crawling adventures.

Aside from coming up with your very own creations or exploring player-made rooms, the rec center offers other forms of entertainment. You can join a class (dorm room workshop, game design academy, cartoon class, etc), try on player-made costumes, or hang out at the creator gallery in the rec center.

Easy Gameplay with Streamlined Menu

After a quick orientation/tutorial, this game gives you your dorm key, dorm room, and watch. The watch comes complete with a menu offering Play, Events, Create, This Room, People, Messages, Challenges, Backpack, Clubs, Dorm Room, and Rec Center tabs.

The watch acts as your gateway to all things Rec Room. Tap on it to access everything from game settings, to the game’s social platform for chatting with friends, to play menus including selecting what player room to visit. You can also adjust settings to show watch notifications, alert friends when you come online, get notifications when your friends come online, enable gift notifications, among other things.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Rec Room on PC

• Walk Through Every Door

With Rec Room, you never know what you will walk into. Each room in the rec center offers something different to do. You can stumble into an intense basement PvP shooter game one moment and then land inside a scare room the next. The best game plan is to simply walk through every door you come across. Doing so will ensure you will not miss a thing in this massive game.

• Complete Daily Challenges

While Rec Room gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want, the game’s daily challenges should be at the top of your to-play list. The challenges get you to partake in Rec Room’s built-in mini-games (e.g. visit a community room, play 2 paintball team battle games, get 20 hits in a paintball team battle, and so on). You get to earn a reward (mostly new costumes) for every completed challenge.

• Express your Imagination

As an avid gamer, you probably have a mental picture of what the perfect game would be like. Well, with Rec Room, you get the rare opportunity of breathing life into your ideas. The game’s cool maker pen feature serves the purpose of generating 3D shapes. Once finished, created shapes can exist permanently in the game as well as be interacted with.

Aside from offering the freedom to make your custom creations, the game places pre-generated tools such as weapons, sports equipment, and furniture at your disposal. So, pretty much anything (simple drawings, works of art, fictional worlds, etc) you dream up can be done in this game. Go all out with your creations and aim to join the list of this game’s star creators. The game has an invention tower feature that showcases premium theme-based inventions each week. What’s more, creators of these popular inventions and rooms also earn weekly dividends of tokens (the game’s main currency).

• Try Everything

Rec Room is geared towards giving players a fun and unforgettable play experience. With millions of rooms available for your perusal, this game has the capability of holding your attention for hours on end. Take the time to explore and indulge in everything that the game has to offer.

Playing through the different aspects of the game also comes with the advantage of hitting certain achievements. For instance, you get to achieve Rec Roomer I status when you reach level 30 and Rec Roomer II upon reaching level 50. You also get to collect an array of titles (cheerleader, fashionista, party animal, friendo) as you play through the game’s varied options.

How to play

How to play Rec Room on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Rec Room Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Rec Room on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Rec Room:

The beauty of Rec Room is that it serves as a giant virtual hangout space. You can head into the game to just chill, make friends, explore, or do some creative work. You will always find something new to do owing to the game’s user-generated content that continues to stream in. As for those looking for a bit of action, the game’s multitude of mini-games does not disappoint. Some of the games (e.g. paintball) really keep you on your toes. This plus the game’s VR experience of putting you in the game makes for tons of fun during play. Much like the content on offer, Rec Room is a versatile game in itself. It can be played across many platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Windows VR, and iOS devices. What’s more, you can play with VR headsets for the next-level experience.

Developer: Rec Room Inc
Download: Android or iOS

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