Download & Install Ragnarok Origin for PC in 3 Simple Steps

Open-World MMORPG

Ragnarok Origin drops you in a world dealing with the fallout of a fight between gods that has resulted in an infestation of monsters in Midgard Continent. Your goal is to train at the Novice Academy to gain skills and knowledge that will help you grow into a hero powerful enough to take on the Demon Lord and his minion monsters. You can choose to play as either a male or female character, with customization options for hairstyle and eye beauty available.

Once your training is complete (simply includes clearing a novice checklist), you will get to choose a job after which you will be thrown into the game’s massive open-world where epic adventures await you. The fantasy world of Ragnarok Origin is filled with everything from extensive landscapes with NPC’s, to multiple kingdoms, mythical dungeons, and mysterious secrets that need uncovering. For the most part, you will be playing through a story campaign mode that features a series of quests and mini-quests.

The choice in jobs is this game’s way of giving you the freedom of playing with your usually preferred RPG character. Options include Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Merchant, and Archer with each featuring a unique set of skills and attributes. For instance, swordsman deals in melee attacks while acolyte uses holy magic as the weapon of choice.

Game Offers A World of Play Options

While the quests under story mode are your way of progressing in Ragnarok Origin, there are a whole lot more gameplay options. For starters, there are two more play modes of Journey and Misc. These allow you to forge your own path in the game where you will mostly engage with non-player characters, farm for monsters, gather resources, and go out on missions and special events. During your long journey in this game, you will also get to recruit, train, and ultimately evolve mercenaries who will fight by your side.

On a lighter note, you can take photos for fun and store them in your album, play around with wardrobe options, or join a guild where play options extend from going on real-time adventures with your friends to getting together with your allies to party and indulge in feasts.
With so much to do, the game includes a handy ‘Tips’ menu that you can turn to for personalized activity recommendations on how to progress better on your journey.

Dynamic Style of Battle

Seeing as the game has a different array of hero types/jobs, skill controls change accordingly. The game basically has multiple attack buttons (including a First Aid icon) that take on the playing hero’s skills. You simply tap on a skill icon to use a particular skill. There is the main attack button that remains permanently active while the rest have a short re-roll time once used. More icons (e.g. Talk and Draw Sword controls) also appear on the playing field to aid in the completion of varying missions.

The game also offers a vast array of weapons, gear, and potions that you can use during fights. For the latter option, you get a potion dispenser after completing your training. It allows you to auto-use potions during battle.

The best feature though is a ‘Play Dead’ control that comes in handy when you are overwhelmed by an opponent. This control allows your hero to drop down as if dead, thereby tricking an opponent to move on.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Ragnarok Origin on PC

• Mind your Base and Job Levels

The most important aspect of this game is to keep leveling up your Base and Job. This is because you have to reach a certain level to unlock some of the game’s story quests. So, to avoid getting stuck, you have to ensure that you are leveling up in a timely manner. Learn more on this on the next tip.

Equally as important is to level up your characters. The game gives you free rein to boost whatever skills and attributes you want. However, make it a point to apply some strategy as a good combo of attributes is ideal for certain dangers. For example, dungeon fights require a character with more agility while a boost in strength can be of great value when facing an elite monster.

• Grind Often

In Ragnarok Origin, you earn Base and Job EXP points upon completing quests and after successful battles. The points, in turn, add up and eventually result in a leveling up of your Base and Job stats. While story quests provide the most amount of EXP points, you can speed up your leveling up by grinding more often.

The game allocates dedicated minutes of battle time daily where you go hunting from monsters. You can go for the 120 minutes battle time option wherein you gain Base, job EXP, and Loot, or the Freya’s Luck Blessing option where you get 60 minutes of battle time but can up that by up to 420 minutes. In addition to the EXP, you also earn great rewards of materials, accessories, and cards, by participating in battle time.

• Save your Daily Quests

Daily quests are another great way to earn experience points. Some are as easy as dancing at the Prontera Fountain for 15 minutes while others require a lot more from you like killing an elite monster. Each quest comes with a certain mode (Party, Relax, Strategy, Ability, etc) which speaks to its level of difficulty.

Should you fail to complete a day’s list of quests, you can save them to avoid missing out on the goodies that come with finishing the challenges. Simply get started on the quests and then pause. You will be able to resume any quest that you start the following day.

• Join A Guild

While you can go through this game as a solo player, there are a couple of advantages that come with joining a guild. For one, some of the daily quests have a Party Mode, meaning you can only partake in them while in a group.

The other bonus is that the game opens up more when you are in a guild. You can hang out with your friends at the Guild Party and gain passive EXP without having to do anything. If action is more your speed you can participate in Guild Hunting where you go monster farming with your party or partake in the Guild Construction Quests. Both offer excellent rewards including a boost in experience.

Also included is a party-based Extreme Challenge, which includes fighting bosses at different levels. The game’s developer even throws in the occasional extreme challenge event where you can earn a great deal of EXP points.

How to play

How to play Ragnarok Origin on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Ragnarok Origin Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Ragnarok Origin on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Ragnarok Origin:

Ragnarok Origin is without a doubt a fantastic game. It features vibrant graphics, cute anime-style characters, and different music for each town to set the mood. But more importantly, the game keeps everything neat and simple despite offering so much. Navigating through the game’s various menus is easy, all game systems are easy to master, and controls offer swift response while you are changing through attacks. Overall, the game is well-designed and easy to play.

Developer: Gravity Co, Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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