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How to play Ragdoll Dismounting on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Ragdoll Annihilation

Vietnam-based firm Vicenter Games is the team behind Ragdoll Dismounting, a simulator designed in stickman style. In this game, you have just one simple goal. Your objective is to inflict as much damage as possible on a helpless ragdoll. The concept works around giving the ragdoll a nudge to initiate a high-risk stunt. As a result, there are a variety of tools and equipment you can use to plunge the ragdoll to his death. You score points based on the amount of damage incurred. Points determine the number of coins you earn as well.

You can play this game on your Android device by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Thanks to simple graphics, you won’t need a high-end device to play. While the developers have not designed Ragdoll Dismounting for PC, gamers who prefer this option may use an Android emulator. For instructions on how to do so, check out our installation guide shared above.

Creative Damage Infliction

There are three components in this game that help you to unleash unimaginable damage on the ragdoll. For starters, there are different stages for pulling off stunts. Each scene comes with a unique set of perils. The stairs and a brick wall are among the first two locations you can unlock quite early in the game. From conveyor belts and swinging pendulum boulders to meteor showers, arrows, and multi-platform descents, perils get more creative when you unlock new stages.

A mechanical means of transport is the second component that impacts the amount of damage you can inflict on your ragdoll. For instance, you can tumble down the flight of stairs in the first stage with a wheelchair, roller skates, unicycle, pushcart, coal wagon, or shopping cart. There are 18 vehicles to choose from, but each one will cost you coins to unlock.

Props are the third element in this game that will assist you with your ragdoll dismounting exploits. These items provide some advantage to increase the amount of damage you can unleash. For instance, you can place a speed boost to make vehicles go faster just before smashing into a brick wall. If you are into more sinister things, try rigging platforms with TNT or setting up round saw blades.

Simple Gameplay Mechanics

Ragdoll Dismounting is a simple game, which means it will not bombard you with complicated buttons and functions. There is a big start button on the right side of your screen with the label “tap and hold” just above it. With this control alone, you are good to go and can start attempting death-defying motor stunts to earn coins. When using a vehicle, you can also eject the ragdoll or alter its starting pose. The simple mechanics that this game offers makes it ideal for just about anyone.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ragdoll Dismounting on PC

  • Boost Your Coin Rewards by Watching Video Ads

Remember, coins are your only means for unlocking new vehicles, props, and stages. Therefore, take every opportunity to amass as much game currency as possible. One way of doing this is by watching video ads. After completing each run, you get an offer to play a short 5-30 second video ad, and in return, have your coin rewards doubled. Take advantage of this option if you want to increase your coins quickly.

  • Time Your Nudge Right

When holding down the start button to attempt a stunt, you will notice an orange line going around this control. The orange line keeps appearing and disappearing. It indicates the power of your nudge. Time your nudge by trying to release the start button when the orange line completely envelopes the start button. That is the strongest push you can give the ragdoll, and the higher the power of your shove, the more damage you can inflict.

  • Try Different Poses

Don’t ignore the pose changing buttons at the bottom of your screen. The way you position your ragdoll will affect how it behaves when traveling through the stunt path. Some of the poses may cause more damage than others, so make sure to try them all.

  • Choose Vehicles Wisely

Just like poses, each vehicle in Ragdoll Dismounting offers a unique effect on the ragdoll when it comes to the amount of damage that can be inflicted. So, if results are wanting despite launching the ragdoll in full power and trying different poses, trying using a different vehicle and see how it goes.


About Ragdoll Dismounting:

Ragdoll Dismounting is a simulation game that explores the fun and wacky thrill of attempting crazy stunts with a ragdoll only to subject it to destruction. It may sound like a silly concept, but you will be surprised at the wild things one can try in this game. Also, don’t be fooled by the simple stickman graphics to think that it is a game for kids. Ragdoll Dismounting requires precision, timing, and creative thinking that will offer a decent amount of challenge even for adults. The best part is that it provides lots of game content such as different stages, stunt vehicles, and props that will keep you coming back for more.

Developer: Vicenter Game
Download: Android or iOS

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