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How to play Racing Classics PRO: Drag on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Satiate Your Love for Classic Cars

Are you a huge fan of old-school cars? Do you dream of owning a Porsche, Ferrari, or Thunderbird? Well, the Racing Classics PRO Drag Race & Real Speed game is for you.  Featuring more than16 legendary cars from the 70s and 80s, this game from T-Bull takes you back in time with what is arguably the very best of drag racing. And, while you will be driving these iconic cars in a virtual world, this simulation game goes all out to ensure you get the most realistic experience. Extreme 3D graphics, realistic driving physics, max speeds, and retro style of cities in the 70s and 80s give this racing game a charm of its own.

Upgrade Your Rides for a Richer Experience

Like any car racing game, Drag Racing Classics allows you to customize your cars. You can do everything from modifying the look of a vehicle to boosting overall performance. Pimp your ride with better gripping tires, a more powerful exhaust, larger nitrous tank, and a whole lot more. The customization options offered are vast and come with no limits. Just spend the silver earned after racing to buy upgrades.

Upgrades like color change and decal (sticker) are purely for aesthetic purposes. However, others like a tire change, tuning of the gearbox, and boosting engine power can augment your car’s performance. You can also get lucky in the game with random upgrade offers that range from unlimited fuel supply at 50% off, to gold bars and even special tier packs that boost your car to the next level. e

Become the Driver to Beat

The ultimate goal in this game is to become the best Racing Classics PRO driver. Players can apply a various strategy for winning depending on the game mode. Your first stop in the game will be the story mode. Here,  you go through 45 demanding stages that feature nothing but head-to-head drag races. The story mode follows the progressive play. You start with neighborhood races where a sponsor notices your talent and pays you to compete. From there, you get transferred to the city to participate in the pro-competitive league, federals enlist you to catch the most wanted criminals in town, and so on. In story mode, the path to the top is to slowly build up your driving career by winning most if not all races. Timing is crucial in this game. You have to start your race car right as well as change gears at the right time.

The other play option is a competitive multiplayer online mode.  It is a little bit tougher to dominate, as you will be playing against real players from all over the world in the format of one-on-one drag races or 10-player races. There is even an Online Leaderboard, which ranks players based on their skills. Success in this mode requires you to have the best car in the pack. As a result, this calls for making significant upgrades and tuning your racecar to turn it into a super-fast machine on wheels.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Racing Classics PRO: Drag Race & Real Speed on PC

  • Start your Races Right

In this game, how well you do in a race largely depends on your start. Starting early or too late gives the other player an edge that you may not be able to recover from once the race is underway. Therefore, you should aim for a perfect start every time. It is a rather easy thing to do as it only takes two simple steps to get off to a good start. First, keep your car revving in the green zone as the game suggests. Secondly, keep your eyes glued to the light in the middle of the screen, and take off the instant it turns green. The game flashes “PERFECT” on the screen when you get it right.

  • Upgrade When Stuck

Since you start with a cheap, less powerful car, you will have to upgrade from time to time to advance in the game. The trick is to wait off on an upgrade until it becomes indispensable. For instance, it is tough to beat a car that is faster than yours. So, when you find yourself facing an opponent that you cannot seem to win against, upgrade your racecar, and try again. Update your race fleet with moderation. With this approach, you can save cash and use it later to level up with essential upgrades when it matters most.

  • Take on Short Race Challenges

A quick way to earn money fast is to take on short races. Whether in the form of story mode street races or one-on-one online drag races, quick racing rounds reward you with silver upon winning. What’s more, these short races sometimes throw in great rewards, some of which are in-game cash.


About Racing Classics PRO: Drag Race & Real Speed:

Racing Classics PRO Drag Race & Real Speed is certainly not ‘just another’ racing game. The use of vintage muscle and supercars plus old-school city settings is a nice touch that will attract the love of many. It is the drag racing experience of the game though that propels it to the forefront of racing games. The races are fast, thrilling, not to mention practically endless. A world of extreme speed and epic drag races awaits you in this game.

Developer: T-Bull
Download: Android or iOS

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