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Craft Amazing Racetracks

Just like the name suggests, RaceCraft – Build & Race is a game where you create the tracks where you will compete against other drivers. As a result, this creation from Budge Studios offers a unique crafting experience that you won’t get from other typical car racing games.

When building the arena, you drag track pieces from the bottom of your screen onto a grid-like layout. The small green section with an arch goes first. It has the start line for the entire circuit. From there, you can connect all the other pieces one at a time. There are straight, winding, and even curved track sections. As the circuit takes shape, you can also add eccentric segments along the way. For example, if you are feeling adventurous, decorate your track with car jumping ramps, twisty loops, rattling rails, and so much more.

If you are looking to create a challenging racetrack, then craft your course with slippery water splashes, bubbling lava, tight turns, or sticky mud.

Although the racetrack can end abruptly, it is better to have it snake throughout the grid layout and have the finish line end connect to your start piece back-to-back. After finishing with crafting, you give the track a name and save it. You can come back to make as many changes as you want. It is also possible to paint the course with terrain textures, lights, big screens, billboards, and other pyro effects to make it look dazzling.

Collect Premium Cars

The racecars in this game have impressive sci-fi features that can blast your way to victory. For instance, you can equip your ride with hover jets, nitro boost, solid shields, and more. There are also plenty of skins and tires to give your racecar a facelift.

While you get a free vehicle when you start playing the game, the rest are acquired through in-app purchases using real money. A smart choice is to get the ‘all-car deal’ rather than buying each car one at a time since this is cheaper.

Race at Blazing Speeds

When it comes to racing, RaceCraft – Build & Race does not disappoint. Rubber meets the road on these light-powered tracks at blazing speeds. What’s more, there is even a nitro boost if you want to bring out the speed demon in you.

The best part of playing this game is that you don’t have to worry about navigation controls. The racecars steer themselves, so you only keep tapping or clicking on the green go button repeatedly as fast as possible to gain speed.

In terms of race modes, there is a single-player duel against another AI driver. Cross the finish line first, and you win. On the other hand, the two-player race features a split-screen where you can challenge a friend on the same device.

There is a battery shaped icon that fills up with sparks as you build new tracks and after a race. Once filled up, it will open up power cores that drop rewards like track pieces and car mods. However, you have to win races, break records, and, most importantly, build amazing tracks to fill it up with sparks.



Tips & Tricks for Playing RaceCraft – Build & Race

  • Make Maximum Use of the Grid

When creating a new track, you will have a large rectangular grid comprising of boxes. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to limit yourself to the provided perimeter. You can also have corners to create a longer circuit snaking through the screen.

At the very least, use your entire grid when building a track because the more elaborate it is, the more sparks you will collect.

  • Create Calculated Jumps

Jumps are perhaps the most fun stunts to perform in RaceCraft. However, don’t overdo it when adding this type of section to your racetrack. The distance to cover needs to be not more than three boxes between the ramps if you want cars to make the jump with ease. If you choose to create a wider gap, then make sure to use the fire button midair. With proper timing, it might help you jump further.

  • Place Track Pieces on all Super Charged Cells.

Before you create a track, the grid layout will have some glowing boxes. These are supercharged cells that generate power. Track pieces can go over the light-powered blue boxes. The more the power your track generates, the more the rewards you will get, so make sure you use the supercharged cells.

  • Use Car Mods to Counteract Traps

Lastly, note that you can use car mod to counteract some of the traps that you choose to put on the track. For example, mud slows down racers. In turn, this could prevent you from creating a new time record. However, you can equip your car with mud tires for better performance.


About RaceCraft - Build & Race:

RaceCraft - Build & Race is more than just a car racing game. In this creation from Budge Studios, you also get to create the circuits you will be competing in, just as the title implies. Create extraordinary speedways and more by just dragging and droping tack sections on a grid, then decorate it with stunt sections like ramps, twisty loops, and so much more. There are lots of track terrain textures and decorative items to create a dazzling arena. When it comes to the racing action, players get to choose from a section of amazing premium race cars. Collect sparks, unlock power cores, and upgrade your rides with cool skins or go for performance mods that will propel you to victory.

Developer: Budge Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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