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Step into the Renovation World of Famous Twin Brothers

As the industry of video gaming continues to evolve, developers have been taking innovation to new heights. The gameplay concept is one area that designers have tried to outdo each other by being creative. Property Brothers Home Design by Storm8 Studios is one such unique game that has caught our eye. It is part of a new crop of property design games that combine renovating run-down spaces with some puzzle-solving on the side.

If you are familiar with the award-winning Canadian reality TV series known as Property Brothers, that is where this game draws its name. Just like in the show, this game will feature the Scott brothers. They will need your help to create dream homes for their clients. First, you get to participate in a living room remodel, which acts as the game’s tutorial. When playing the game, exclusive voice-overs from the twins cheer you on in puzzle rounds. Also, quick messages pop up as you go about remodeling spaces.

Message pop-ups provide the game with the charm and style that fans have come to love when watching the Property Brothers.  That means you can expect design tips & tricks, witty remarks, funny childhood stories of the twins, and even some brother vs. brother antics.

Earn Renovation Funds with Match 2 Puzzles

In the game, every piece of furniture you want to place within a space will cost money. Even the act of demolishing old furniture requires coins. Now, this is where the puzzle portion of the game comes in. To earn game currency, you must complete a series of match-2 puzzles. Coins can purchase household goods while diamonds buy you boosters and stamina.

There are hundreds of levels to complete along with several game modes. If you love puzzles, you will enjoy the game thoroughly as the challenges get tougher as you continue to level up.

Add your own Personal Touch

The renovation part of this game is automated. That means the property brothers will give you a blueprint for every project. All that is left is for you to place items and re-do floors, walls, and other surfaces as per the design plan. That said, you can still use your creative ideas in every renovation project. You will have three options to choose from when deciding what décor and furniture items to use. Take the time to study each option well and select what speaks to you the most. You can tap on each option to see how it will transform the space and look against other already chosen items. The best part, though, is after a renovation is complete and you get to view your handy work.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Property Brothers Home Design on PC

  • Keep up with the Goal at Hand

If you have played puzzle match games before, you know that matching more than the minimum required amount of tiles works to boost the score at the end of each level. Well, that is not the case with the Property Brothers Home Design game. Even if you match an impressive number of blocks or unlock an explosive, it will not be of much use if it does not have a direct impact on the goal at hand.

The only rule of match-3 puzzles that applies to this game is that you should complete the given goal using the least number of moves. The more turns you have left after completing a goal, the more coins you get. So, if a level requires you to collect six red and ten yellow tiles, do not bother matching any other color of blocks. Sometimes, though, tiles with a different shade than what you need may be in the way. However, only move such pieces if they create formations for the type of blocks you need to match. In short, make sure each move counts.

  • Blow Things Up

Another good reason for deviating from a level’s goal is to create explosives. Matching five similar colored blocks creates a bomb. Any of these explosives can blow up several adjacent puzzle pieces. TNT is the most powerful in terms of blast radius followed by dynamite.

There is also another benefit to creating explosives. If you activate multiple bombs, you will be able to charge up some fireworks. A fireworks meter appears at the bottom left corner of the screen and gradually fills up with every activated explosive. Once the meter is full, you can activate the fireworks with a simple tap, which work by destroying all blocks of your chosen color. In one fell swoop, fireworks can wipe out a large portion of the tiles required to complete a specific goal. You can also them to remove annoying obstacles that stand in the way of finishing the level. Therefore, even if you waste a few moves to create a series of explosives, it will be worth it if you manage to fill up the fireworks meter.

  • Kill 2 Birds with one Move

Higher levels in the game feature unique blocks like flower pots, vases, wooden planks, and pillow sacks. Goals in advanced stages become increasingly challenging. For instance, you may be required to move flowerpots from the top of the grid to the bottom, trigger pop-ups next to pillow sacks, or collect vases by matching two tiles next to it. Some levels even combine 2 or 3 of such objectives.

Try to maximize your moves in these levels to ensure you have a substantial number of turns left after reaching the puzzle goal. For example, you can enlist the help of explosives to take out distinct tiles and lower flowerpot towards the bottom at the same time. Alternatively, you can tap on two or more similar colored blocks that sit in between vases and make several collections in one move. Options are many, so keep an eye out for strategies that will accomplish two objectives at once.

  • Renovate as You Earn

Unlike other games, there is no need to stock up on coins for making big purchases. With Property Brothers Home Design, the best approach is to use game currency as soon as possible. Just play a round of puzzle matching, do a little renovating, and repeat. Every renovation item, (be it a sofa, lamp, wall, etc), costs a certain amount of coins, which you can see by tapping on the decor object.


About Property Brothers Home Design:

Although Property Brothers Home Design targets gamers who have a passion for interior design, anybody can have a go at the game. It offers an excellent balance between lovely interior design simulations and challenging puzzles. All that plus the fact that this game draws inspiration from a hit TV show has made it quite popular. As of this writing, it has over half a million downloads on the Google Plays Store alone. If that many people love the game, you will too. The best part is that there is an iOS version and you can play Property Brothers Home Design for PC using the installation guide shared above.

Besides, in addition to being a fun pastime, the game also has an educational side to it that can add value to your life. With all the tips and advice offered by the twins, you can learn a lot from it as well.

Developer: Strom8 Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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