Princess Connect! Re Dive for PC: Install Free on Mac/Windows

Adventure Awaits in Astarea

Courtesy of Crunchyroll Games, Princess Connect! Re: Dive is now available worldwide, and much to the delight of anime RPG fans. The game became a smash hit in China and Japan, but it now seems that fans have globally taken a liking to this release, and with good reason.

There are a lot of great features that draw in players. In Princess Connect! Re: Dive, you will explore the world of Astarea as part of a group of heroine warriors that fight monsters. Thanks to subtitled story dialogues, cinematic scenes, flashy battle animations, and character voiceovers, you can expect an engaging experience.

Although available officially on mobile, it is still possible to install Princess Connect! on your Windows or Mac device. You only need to follow the steps shared in this post to start playing the game on a bigger screen and enjoy an even better experience.

Plenty of Characters to Collect

Characters are the heart and soul of Princess Connect! You require them to venture out into battle, and their stories will keep you glued to the screen as the mysteries of Astarea unfold.

You recruit heroines by rolling the gacha. However, the summoning process requires one to expend jewels. There is an option to draw new allies one-by-one or ten at once. You obtain a 2-star character or higher with each x10 draw.

After rolling the gacha, any characters already recruited will not be added as extras to your roster. Instead, they convert into divine amulets. You can exchange these trinkets for character memory shards, which are valuable for recruiting more allies or strengthening the characters you already have.

The game requires players to level up and strengthen their characters because battles become increasingly challenging. You can also cultivate your bond with each heroine to unlock new story content.

Slay Foes in Combat

The battle aspect of Princess Connect! Re: Dive is perhaps the biggest draw for players. That is because the battles are both quite strategic and, at the same time, fun to watch.

Before heading out for combat, you must assemble a party of five. Your heroines go up against waves of monsters. At least one of them must make it to the end to claim victory for the team.

Each warrior has a blue rage meter below their HP bar. It fills up as they dish out attacks on enemies. Once the rage meter is full, the corresponding fighter uses their ultimate ability. This skill not only comes with animated cutscenes but also deals a lot of damage to foes.

Another point to note is that the combat in Princess Connect! is automated. That means there is less involvement in the fighting mechanics but more focus on character choices and formations.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Princess Connect! Re Dive on PC

• Equip Items

Equipping items increases a character’s stats. For example, a sword or armor will boost your fighter’s HP and physical attack points.

A single character can only equip up to 6 items at once. After collecting and using all gear slots, the fully equipped fighter can increase in rank, thus allowing you to become more powerful.

Keep in mind that some objects exist in the form of fragments and blueprints. On the plus side, you can look up how to obtain them from the items section.

• Analyze the Damage Report

At the end of each battle, there is a button at the top left corner of your screen that allows you to check a damage report. Even if you win, it offers useful information to know how your fighters performed. Analyzing this information provides an opportunity to find out which heroine got the most beating. Typically, you would expect that from a tank unit on the frontline, but not so much from other fighters who were not the constant target throughout the battle.

If you find a heroine is taking a lot of damage to her health, you can make decisions to make your team stronger. For instance, that could include equipping the weaker character to get better stats or finding a replacement altogether. Remember, you are as strong as the weakest link in the game of Princes Connect: Re Drive.

• Grab Your Progress Rewards

As you achieve various goals in the main quest, rewards become available for claiming. You can receive both the Daily and Normal prizes. There are jewels and mana up for grabs, so make sure to collect your progress rewards.

• Keep Playing Quests

Lastly, it is essential to play as many missions as possible as you chart your way forward in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Your progress in the game hinges on clearing stages in the main quests. Doing so unlocks some of the other game modes like the Battle Arena, Dungeon, Grotto, and Princess Arena.

Quests are also your primary source for rewards like max stamina boosts, rank stars, and items (e.g., swords, armor, etc.)

More importantly, your player level also determines character ranks. It increases as you clear missions to gain EXP. As your player level goes up, so do the upgrade limits for all your heroines. Ultimately, playing more missions helps you to build stronger battle squads.

How to play

How to play Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Princess Connect! Re: Dive Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Princess Connect! Re: Dive on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Princess Connect! Re Dive:

If you are a big fan of anime RPGs that offer endless turn-based combat with lots of characters to recruit through a gacha system, then Princess Connect! Re: Dive can be a great title to pick up. It will thrust you into the world of Astarea that is full of stories. As the wonderous tale unfolds, you will engage in endless battles that come replete with wonderfully animated scenes. A pact of heroines leads the charge against monsters. Strategic choices are what it takes to keep winning. You will use your better judgment to select characters with the best skills to form your favorite team and decide which spots to place them. Overall, you can expect an engaging experience from Princess Connect! Download & install on PC to start your adventure today.

Developer: Crunchyroll Games, LLC
Download: Android or iOS

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