Poppy Game – It’s Playtime for PC – How to Install & Play for Free

A Game of Hide & Seek

If you loved playing hide and seek in your childhood, Poppy Game – It’s Playtime is a game you will enjoy playing. In this horror-survival game, a bunch of squid dolls remain trapped in an enclosed arena with Huggy Wuggy, a giant humanoid figure that loves to hug people. But, if you get caught, he will squeeze you till you pop!

The helpless survivors have no choice but to run and hide. Poppy looks for them and locks up captives in cages. But, holding the sneaky little bastards is very tricky because they keep rescuing each other.

Although the original Poppy Playtime game released by indie developer MOB Games is on steam, only Microsoft Windows devices are supported. However, you can still play this mobile version by Zego Global on your Mac or Windows device by installing it with an emulator as described in the download section of this guide.

Play Both Roles

In Poppy Game – It’s Playtime, you have the choice of playing both roles as each round begins. If you select to hide, the goal is to avoid getting caught. On the other hand, stepping in the shoes of Huggy Wuggy requires you to look for the squid dolls who are scampering everywhere.

You don’t get to see your prey physically when playing seeker. However, those hiding have the advantage of seeing their pursuer. The important thing is that they avoid running into Huggy Wuggy’s range of vision, which is usually a small area right in front of him highlighted in red.

Whichever role you are playing, you have to beat the clock. It counts down to zero over a period of 30 seconds. And, in that period, you have to find a specified number of survivors/dolls or avoid capture until time runs out.

Colorful Tricky Arenas

The arenas where the action takes in this game don’t disappoint. Players get treated to maze-like enclosures with no escape. Each one comes with plenty of paths, walls, and double swing doors to walk through. While there are many hiding places, you can also run into dead ends.

The game offers an aerial view. Therefore, you will be able to see where you are going.

Besides running around in the colorful arenas, some locations are flooding with water. In such cases, you swim around the arena while trying to hide or look for survivors to catch.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Poppy Game – It’s Playtime on PC

• Keep Track of Poppy

If you decide to hide during a round of Poppy Game – It’s Playtime, make sure to have a good idea which part of the arena is safe. Usually, you can tell where Huggy Wuggy is patrolling using the red location pin. It looks like the inverted drop-shaped icon that marks locations on Google Maps. Usually, it will point toward the general direction where he happens to be currently searching for survivors to lock up.

• Follow the Crowd

When playing the seek role, the game begins with a countdown of three seconds. In that brief period, the survivors will flee in different directions as they attempt to hide. If you see many squid dolls heading the same way, make sure to follow them. In most cases, you will find several of them hurdled up or hanging around in one area if they flee as a group in the same direction. Use this trick to catch multiple targets at once.

• Guard Captives

Playing the seeker’s role can be frustrating if your captives keep freeing each other from the cages. However, you can work your way around this by guarding your prisoners. If there are several of them locked up in close proximity, patrol around the same area, waiting for their rescuers. Just remember to keep your eye on the clock and the target number of captives you need to capture.

• Track the Footprints

Finally, make sure to use the colored puddles of water that appear in some of the levels as you play Poppy Game – It’s Playtime. If the survivors step on them, they leave behind footprints that Huggy Wuggy can see. Following the trail will often lead you to your targets. Just make sure to move away from the colored puddles of water and not toward them, which would be the wrong direction.

How to play

How to play Poppy Game - It's Playtime on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Poppy Game - It's Playtime Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Poppy Game - It's Playtime on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Poppy Game - It's Playtime:

Poppy Game - It's Playtime is a fun and relaxing horror survival game that you probably won't be able to put down once you start playing it. It is about a group of trapped squid doll survivors trying to hide from a scary humanoid monster called Huggy Wuggy. The beauty about it is that players can take up either role. Enjoy quick rounds of hide & seek in colorful 3D maze-like enclosures. Capture your targets & lock them up in cages as the seeker, or free your allies to help them escape when trying to hide. Whichever role you decide to take up, you can relive fun childhood memories in this fantastic game.

Developer: Zego Global Publishing
Download: Android or iOS

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