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Save the Kingdom of Grounds

Bulbware and popular YouTuber PewDiePie released a controversial game known Poopdie, which has become the subject of much talk owing to the theme built around it. The premise of the game takes you deep beneath the earth whereby you take on the role of a worm that has an uncontrolled flatulence problem. As a result, this has made you the laughing stock across the dark Kingdom of Grounds.

Meanwhile, vicious creatures have taken over, wreaking havoc throughout this realm. In response, the mighty PoopDuck appoints you as the hero because of your unique ability. Therefore, you play as little wormy who poops a vast array of minions to fight off Evil Samron’s never-ending creatures in a bid to oust him from the Buttthrone.


Controversial Game with Strong Fan-Base

As you may have figured out by now, Poopdie is a game that portrays a lot of potty humor, a trait that might not sit well with everyone. Apple even rejected the game on its app store citing that it does not comply with set guidelines.

On the other hand, Poopdie has been mostly successful in the Google Play store. With more than 100,000-downloads, a high rating, and tons of rave reviews, the game has garnered strong support on this platform. Perhaps that might explain why the developers have decided to appeal with Apple’s review board to make the game available for iOS users.

Keep in mind, though, that playing Poopdie for PC is also possible. Just follow the steps outlined in our guide here and you’ll be well on your way to finding out what the game has to offer.


Dungeon Crawler Gameplay Style

Enough said about the theme. You may be probably wondering what it is like to play Poopdie. Well, it is a dungeon crawler with a maze/labyrinth-like virtual world. So, you’ll be crawling around looking for food such as carrots, flowers, and meat. You eat up and poop minions along the way to help you combat enemies. What’s more, you can fart spells that do a range of things like teleporting back to Pooptown or even freezing the bizarre organisms you will be fighting.

There are plenty of levels to complete along with boss battles that introduce more formidable enemies. The latter challenges push little wormy to the limits. Luckily, there are many upgrades in the game, which give Poopdie the tools he needs to come out victorious in boss fights.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Poopdie on PC

  • Read the Poopscroll

The levels in this game specify goals that you have to accomplish. For example, your mission can be anything from eating a particular type of food to eliminating certain creatures or a big boss. It is important to know your mission because once you complete the task at hand, the next level unlocks. So, make sure to read the poopscroll by clicking its corresponding icon on the upper right corner of your screen. It pulls up a small scroll with instructions on what you need to do.

  • Keep Your Distance from Buttcrawlers

Don’t get too close to the Butcrawlers because these nasty creatures bite. So, when they attack, stay back and let the poop minions do the fighting. With this approach, no harm will come upon little wormy, which also means you can maintain full health and avoid dying.

  • Master How to Acquire In-Game Currency

Another essential skill to master when playing Poopdie is the art of collecting in-game currency. Coins to buy spells or food, so they play an important role. You can acquire these round gold pieces by attacking plants. Also, other items blocking your path may occasionally drop a coin. Just make sure to collect every dime because coins become harder to find through grinding. Also, an alternative option you have is to watch one ad and receive 8 poopcoins in return.

On the other hand, you’ll need Fargems to buy most of the game’s upgrades. Look out for caves with green crystal entrances because that is where you can find these precious gems. The other option is to shell 30-coins to play the ‘wheel spin’ game. Besides crystals, the draw gives you a chance to win carrots and drumsticks.

  • Visit Other Game Areas

Finally, remember to check out other sections of the game. You can access them by clicking the opened treasure chest on the top right corner of your screen. Players interact with three main areas. Firstly, the Treasure Store is where you can watch video ads to earn coins or use real money to acquire a larger stash of coins. Secondly, the Grossworld’s Grocery lets you exchange coins for a bunch of carrots or one giant stick, wood for making unique poop units, and more. Thirdly, Mazia’s library offers lots of different priced fart spells that will come in handy during boss battles.

Update: After an uproar from fans, Apple review board approved Poopdie on the app store. As a result, you can now install Poopdie on your Mac by following the instructions shared in this post.


About Poopdie:

Poopdie is a unique dungeon crawler that might pique the interest of gaming fans who like this genre. You crawl through different areas of the underground kingdom to forage for food and fight off all manner of weird-looking creatures. There are lots of mini-quests to keep you busy and the boss fights are also a nice addition for those looking for something challenging. Granted, a poop-themed dungeon crawler may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you can look beyond the scatological jokes that Poopdie is notoriously famous for and just focus on the missions, the game is actually fun and addictive.

Developer: Bulbware
Download: Android or iOS

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