Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator for PC – Simple Download Steps

Build your Bee Colony

With Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator, you get to experience the life of a bee. As the game’s first worker bee, it is up to you to build a colony from the ground up.

The first task on your agenda will be to put up a chamber for processing and storing honey. For this, the game has you go to its Colony Menu button and tap on a ‘Build’ tab under the Honey Processing Chamber. It will take 15 seconds to get the chamber up and running.

The colony menu also has tabs for Nectar Storage, Brood Chamber, Pollen Storage, Wax Storage, and Propolis Storage. You will need to build and manage these areas to grow your colony. It only takes honey, nectar, pollen, and other game materials to construct and upgrade the mentioned sections.

Other Pocket Bees duties that fall under your purview include breeding new guard and worker bees, hunting for resources, crafting materials, and managing your army of bees (that is, assigning tasks and strengthening them).

Materials fabrication takes place in a crafting station under the game’s Inventory menu. Some materials, such as pheromones, are crafted using only one ingredient (flower sap). Others like wax require the combination of several components such as honey & pollen.

All crafted materials serve a unique purpose in the game. For instance, propolis is a material used to upgrade various aspects of bees, including speed and defense.

Forage for Resources

Much like in the case of an actual bee nest, you will need colony-sustaining materials such as nectar, pollen, tree resin, and flower saps. For this, you and your newly-bred worker bees will have to leave the comfort of the nest and head out to the wild to extract resources from flowers and trees. The game has a mini-map at the top right corner, which outlays the game’s world per your location.

Outside your hive, the world of Pocket Bees is a bevy of activities. There are also all kinds of critters everywhere, from wasps, bumblebees, and birds to crab spiders, and other predators in its expanse. As a result, you must have guard bees. They automatically attack any predator encountered in the open world, allowing worker bees to do their job in peace. You can also lead your guard bees to attack other colonies and loot resources.

Annihilation is one way to deal with the predators of this game. Another is to capture these creatures and make them part of your army. You usually use pheromones to attract predators. Once you seize the predators, you can use them to fight in PvP battles later on.

Side Missions to Tackle

In Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator, there are two kinds of missions. Both serve as a good source for diamonds and materials needed for breeding bees and improving the different sectors of your colony.

First off are story missions, which get you to advance through the plot of the game. Story missions take a while to complete and feature tasks such as build a honey processing chamber, bring 1nectar to the honey chamber, breed 2 worker bees, and so on.

The other option is daily missions. These allow you to have some fun in the game. Daily quests are intense and include tasks such as defeat 5 wasps, win 4 battles, and grow 2 flowers.

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator on PC: Tips & Tricks

• Breed Many Bees

The most important thing to have in this game is an army of bees. Having a ton of bees at your disposal means you will not take a big hit when some die in battle. There is also a death rate in this game that sees bees die after living out their lifespan. So, you ought to get into the habit of constant breeding from the get-go. Doing this will give you a good head start. Hence, enabling you to still have numbers even as your bees continue to die out naturally.

Breeding many bees also comes with the advantage of having a steady stream of game resources coming in. When assigning foraging duties, Pocket Bees gives you the freedom to select how many workers you want to send out. With numbers on your side, you can divide your bees into groups and send them out to collect each of the game’s resources at the same time.

• Make Use of the Mini-Map

When foraging, there is no need to run blind in Pocket Bees because you can just turn to the mini-map. Using the map will enable you to make a bee-line towards flowers and other resource sources. The map also shows you where enemies are, allowing you to decide whether to fight or avoid.

• Boost Your Nest

Another tip to improve your game is to keep improving your nest. Chamber and storage areas can hold only a certain amount of material and bees. So, you will need to keep upgrading the regions to boost storage capacity. Upgrades also allow you to get extra bonuses (for foraging, drifter workers, recruit, player speed, guard speed, among others).

Each sector requires a certain amount of materials before you can level up. It takes 3 pollen and 3 minutes to get the brood chamber from level 1 to 2. With the honey processing chambers, the cost of upgrading to level 2 is 3minutes and 10-nectar. The requirements change for every level. Therefore, keep checking what is needed. You can upgrade one section at a time or whichever area you can, based on the fruits of your recent foraging escapades.

• Complete Missions

Lastly, make sure to finish all your missions. In Pocket Bees, it takes anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes for undertakings like building and foraging to complete. That is unless you use gems to speed up the process.

Instead of waiting for things to finish or go foraging yourself, you should leave your army of bees to work as you concentrate on tackling mission tasks. You stand to win x20 honey for each completed daily mission. Additionally, every 4 finished daily tasks comes a generous reward of 10 diamonds, 10 propolis, & 9 pheromones in different colors. Story missions, on the other hand, deliver a variety of winnings ranging from honey to diamonds.

How to play

How to play Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator:

Although Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator is a simple game, plenty of thought went into its creation. The game simulates a honey bee nest perfectly down to the non-stop work, outside threats, and brood section where egg, larvae, and pupae grow. The ingenious creativity behind the quests makes for unique gameplay. The game truly lives up to the saying, as busy as a bee. Between breeding bees, foraging for resources, crafting essential resources, and partaking in real-time fights, there are enough things to keep you busy in this Pocket Bees game. To install and play it on your PC, check out the steps shared in this post.

Developer: Ariel Software
Download: Android or iOS

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