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How to play

How to play Plinko Master on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Pinball with a Twist

If you have ever played pinball, then Plinko Master is one game that will seem quite familiar and fun. Published by Shape Keeper Ltd, this creation offers simple gameplay mechanics that anyone can learn with ease. Your objective is to gather coins (tokens) and money by hitting their corresponding circles with a ball. The plinko ball drops from above when you tap anywhere on the screen. And, every time it hits a coin or currency circle, the corresponding sphere fades and eventually disappears after getting hit multiple times. The space with cirlces will generate new ones randomly as you continue to play.

Unlike pinball, there are no swinging arms in Plinko Master to return the ball back into play. What’s more, you only get 30-plinko balls, which take 10-minutes for each one to regenerate.

Drop Balls in Cups

An interesting dynamic in Plinko Master is that you try to land balls in five cups located at the bottom of the screen. The four stationary ones provide different effects. For instance, you can get fruits, coins, or money when they catch a ball.

The fifth cup slides left to right continually. If a ball lands in it, the slot machine will activate and provide you with a random prize like fruits, coins, money bags, or more balls.

As a Plinko ball makes it way down, it bounces off the token and money circles in its path. Therefore, there is no way to predict accurately where it will drop, which introduces the element of chance that makes the game quite exciting to play.

Cashout Feature

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Plinko Master is the ability to cashout your in-game rewards. For instance, you can redeem 5 Million tokens or $100 green currency to get a gift voucher from Amazon or PayPal respectively.

It is easier to reach $100 in-game currency first, which makes this resource far more valuable. As a result, you might want to prioritize acquiring money over token coins or fruits.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Plinko Master on PC

  • Avoid the Grey Circles

Among the coins and money circles, you will also see some grey spheres. Avoid dropping the ball where you see many of these because hitting them provides no value.

  • Redeem Fruits

The fruits that you collect in Plinko Master are not just for nothing. They play a very essential role. Once you collect at least 25 fruits, you can redeem them for $1000 in-game money. Such a prize will allow you to cash out at least ten times. However, you can only redeem a batch of the same type of fruit, and there are just over two dozen varieties in the game.

  • Watch Ads

As mentioned earlier, you only get a limited number of Plinko balls to play this game. Once they run out, the regeneration process can be rather slow. However, watching a video ad allows you to get 30 balls instantly. Keep in mind, though, that you have only 30 free chances every day to use this trick.

Watching video ads can provide other boosts as well. For instance, this could slow down the moving slot for 60-seconds, activate the more elastic pinballs, double your rewards for one minute, destroy all obstacles with a bomb, or fill all the spaces and gray blocks with tokens and coins. Keep an eye out for these boosts by checking the top left corner of the screen where an icon to stream the video ad pops up. You also need to have your data or Internet connection on so that the video advertisement will be available for playback.

  • Use Your Game Currency Wisely

Another feature you will find in this game is the in-game shop where you can spend tokens and green currency to buy new themes. Although a different look would be nice ‘n all, it is better to save up all your in-game money for cashouts.


About Plinko Master:

Plinko Master belongs to a new crop of casual games that focus on gathering tons of in-game currency that players can then redeem for gift vouchers. It is quite easy to play because all you have to do is tap the screen to drop a ball that hits currency and token circles on the way down. If you are lucky, the plinko ball will land in one of five cups at the bottom of the screen and provide you with more rewards or a chance to spin the slot machine. Try your luck for the grand money prize by downloading and installing Plinko Master on your PC today.

Developer: Shape Keeper Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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