Play Sky Force Reloaded On Your Windows PC / Mac, Download And Install

Download and play Sky Force Reloaded on your favorite PC (Windows) or Mac now for free

With so many action packed games to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is ideal for what you like in a game. Many games in the same categories offer similar features, however only a select few really provide their players with the right kind of game they would feel it worthwhile to play. Here are a few pointers about a game called Sky Force Reloaded. This is the game for you if you like convenience playing with all the added action and excitement.

Helping the Heroes Swoop in to the Rescue

The aim of this game is in aviation. Flying above an enemy territory, the player must dodge their bullets and attacks in order to either eliminate them or to reach a specific objective. Much of the game is spent saving civilians, where you need to pick them up from the ground or take them out of harms way. This gives quite a satisfying element to the game, where you can collect some points and use them along with other rewards and collections picked up throughout the game. These points and rewards appear in the form of stars and can be considered as the games form of currency. The humans are usually on the ground and must be rescued from differing forms of the enemy which attacks you. These enemies can attack either from the ground or the air, and the objective is to fly upwards until the new objective is complete and the next level is entered.

Where Money and Stars Talk

By acquiring stars and winning levels and �cards’ the game allows you to do many things which are necessary to progress further into the game. The various actions that can be carried out is the buying of materials that are needed to upgrade your ship and other equipment. When awarded trophies, this allows other elements of the game to be unlocked in later levels, making trophy winning a priority in the beginning stages of the game. For a simpler feature of the game, most repairs and regenerating of damaged ships can be found in cards which are awarded to you throughout each level of the game for various reasons. This allows you to save some stars to be used on other useful things such as boosters and the like. In-game purchasing adds many benefits to the free levels of the game, allowing you to buy elements that really come in handy. These elements are namely ship regenerators, add blocks, as well as star doublers for all stars collected in the game. Various other paid-for elements include bonus packages of starts and coins which can help you to buy more models of ships that give you a wider selection for how you would like to play the game.

The Reality of a Fantastical World

While being commended on the ability to be played from any mobile device, it is also noted on the ability to play Sky Force Reloaded on PC; in fact many people recommend this mode of playing the game and find that the scrolling action of shooting provides the player with much more control and mobility. However, this new installment to the game does allow for the game to be played on a mobile device, making this game all the more accessible and convenient. Many people are going crazy over the new feature in the game of vertical shooting, making game play more accurate and life like.

The game’s wide variety of cards and ships are also very popular and exciting elements that this game brings to its players. This gives you an array of options when deciding which ship is the best for you, as well as gives you the option to change it up and try out all the features that the game has to offer. Many cards are offered that come with temporary or permanent boosts or upgrading functions, allowing the player to experience multiple dimensions in the game.

How to Download and Sky Force Reloaded on PC:

1. To begin you have to Download and Install Bluestacks. If that is not your first choice for an emulator, you can use Andyroid or Ipadian.
2. For your next step, you have to log in to your Google Play account. If you do not have just register a new one. It is easy and fast.
3. Go to the search box in Bluestacks and type “Sky Force Reloaded” without the quotes, of course.
4. Then simply click “Install” button next to the game and wait for the download to complete.
5. That is it! You can now enjoy your freshly installed copy of “Sky Force Reloaded” on your favorite PC!

About Sky Force Reloaded

Developer: Infinite Dreams
Platforms: Android and iOS