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Download and Play ” Pirate Tales” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Pirate Tales
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Play As a Pirate Captain

If you are looking for a game that combines exciting adventures and a fun original combat system then Pirate Tales is the perfect pick. Motivated by the return of Pirates of Caribbean, this game can hold its own on any Android RPG catalog. Pirate Tales will take you back to the 21st century, during the golden age of piracy. As the game requires you to dominate the sea and go head to head with other players around the world, you will have to build the greatest possible band of pirates. You can also Download Pirate Tales For PC to enjoy a fantastic combat system.

Get Right into the Action

This is not the kind of game that has you on the sidelines watching your characters fight. Instead, you will be right amidst the action in all the dynamic battles and quick time events. There is no time to waste, the battle plays out in turns and you will immediately be required to pick your enemy and inflict maximum damage on them. The well-known characters that you will have to face in Pirate Tales include the likes of Montezuma, Francis Drake, Columbus, and many others. All of them have unique abilities, functions as well as statistics:

Enjoy the Thrilling Graphics and Gameplay

The game features thrilling graphics and apart from the amazing combat system, the graphics are certainly the game’s strong suit. Accompanied by a spectacular soundtrack, Pirate Tales will immerse you in a grand atmosphere like no other. You will play in a variety of competitive formats and put on the captain’s hat to navigate the 3D ship. In order to be crowned Admiral of the Black, who is the most feared captain, in the Caribbean, you must compete in the most dangerous scenarios. The most innovative element of the gameplay is the sand timer. If you Download Pirate Tales for PC, you will be able to perfume certain actions only when to 30-second times out. This also goes for playing on your Android phone.

Pirate Tales Heroes
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Tips and Tricks For Playing Pirate Tales

Becoming the captain of your own pirate ship is no easy task. Therefore, you need all the help you can get to thrive in your gameplay. Leading your crew to victory and unveiling many hidden treasures should be your ultimate goal. These pirate Tales tips will give you an ace against your competition:

· Be the captain
The game will enable you to be the captain of your ship and recruit your crew. You will also gather different heroes who will be useful for your gameplay. Building the best team will make you stronger and successful through the most difficult battles.

· Sail to different places
As a pirate, you will sail to various places and discover new people surroundings and treasures. You will also unveil new territories and save places that you will get back to when trading.

· Challenge other captains
By fighting and winning against other captains, you will loot their cargo and take all the lands that belong to them.

· Get ultimate power
Although you will begin the game with limited power, over time, you will find ways to power your pirates and unlock various characters.

· Catch that flying Dutchman
If you want to be the captain of the legendary Flying Dutchman, prepare to catch the ship. Once you catch it, it is easy to sail the oceans without any stops and it will be easy to enjoy mighty power.

About Pirate Tales:

Developer: Crazy Panda Apps
Download: Android and iOS