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How to play Phantoms: Tang Dynasty on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Discover a Picturesque World Haunted by Spirits

Singapore-based game publisher, YOUZU is the team behind yet another fantastic MMORPG known as Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. The game is available for both iOS and Android users. And, you can try playing Phantoms: Tang Dynasty for PC as well with our guide. But, if you also want to know what this game is about, then you are in the right place.

With this release, MMORPG fans will have lots of fun activities to do. Adventures lead to many places like the mysterious Undercity, the ancient capital, the snowy Summit, vast deserts, and more. 

Players will be able to build a manor, cook, fish, visit dance halls, and even fall in love. However, warm-blooded spirits are haunting the realm in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. Therefore, you will also traverse the open-world sandbox to lend a hand in solving mythical calamities and problems.

There are NPCs to talk to along the way and enemies to bring down, so be prepared for battle. As you wage war with dark magic, you will also have the opportunity to take on spirit form.


Select and Customize Various Character Classes

First, you have to select a character before embarking on your adventures in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. The game offers detailed customization choices that let you choose gender and outfits for your avatar. You can also tweak facial attributes and hairstyles to make your player look unique.

Furthermore, there are various character classes to choose from, each one offering a unique skill set. Play as a Gladiator, Ritualist, Wind Dancer, Swordmaster, or any other form that suits your style best. The good news is that you can freely switch between character classes to find the type Spirit Sage that you are most comfortable with when playing the game.


Relish Impressive Audio-Visual Effects

Besides action-packed quests, the developers of Phantoms: Tang Dynasty also integrated several features to make the game more appealing. Firstly, the game treats players to high-quality 3D graphics with realistic light/shadow animations. Secondly, there is soothing music playing in the backdrop, which will keep you relaxed as you play. Thirdly, the use of cinematic scenes & dialogues with subtitles helps to keep players engaged in the storyline. Overall, you can expect a truly immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Phantoms: Tang Dynasty on PC

  • Summon Spirits

Spirits in this game have passive and active skills that will help you in battle. However, you need specific resources to change form. In the Aether shop, you can obtain Jade Coins and use them to buy Summon Talismans. The latter is also available as a reward when you complete events and storyline quests.

  • Level Up

Increasing the level of your hero in this game will improve his/her ATK, HP, and aff inity stats. Also, this will unlock new functions. There are two ways to level up quickly. The first method is to complete the story quests. You can find out what the current mission is about by checking the text tip that appears on the upper left corner of your screen just below the level bar.

The other option you have when it comes to leveling up is taking part in events. Don’t ignore these optional battles because there are additional rewards you can win as well. For instance, you may earn EXP, Essence, Spirit EXP Pages, and so much more from event quests.

  • Acquire Upgrades

There are two types of upgrades you can get in this game; for your hero and spirit buffs. By acquiring Skill Tome Books, you can enhance your character’s abilities. On the other hand, collect spirit cards and use them to improve skills. Playing event quests also offers some resources that will help you to upgrade your spirit. For example, you can give your supernatural allies more experience with EXP Spirit Pages or enhance their passive skills with elements earned after participating in events.

  • Take Part in Guild Events

Finally, it is essential to fully exploit the multi-player functions that this game has to offer. By joining an active guild, you can take part in group events alongside other players from all over the world. Teaming up has its perks because you get a chance to win guild badges, summon talismans, aether essence, and many more rewards.


About Phantoms: Tang Dynasty:

If you are a big fan of MMORPGs, then this game from YOUZU might be your next favorite pastime. It has a little bit of everything to suit just about every interest. From building your own manor and hunting for treasure to dancing with the spirits and fighting enemies, there are lots of activities to keep you busy. Interesting stories also unfold as you complete the mini-games in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. The best part is that the game offers an immersive cinematic experience. Overall, players will enjoy the good looking graphics, soothing oriental music, and heart-pumping sound effects that this game has to offer.

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