Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & Parking on PC: Free Download

Enjoy Off-road Driving at its Best

With most off-road racing games, much of the action revolves around putting players through crazy races. The Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & Parking game, however, focuses on the driving and parking side of things. Here your driving prowess is put to the test through simulations. The game delivers a life-like off-road driving and parking experience with realistic off-road vehicles that you will be driving through realistic off-road tracks and environments done in stunning 3D graphics. Play to find out if you have what it takes to handle off-road driving.

Mission-Based Play

The gameplay in Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & parking revolves around completing challenges. These include both simple and complex tasks such as passing through two checkpoints in 58-seconds, driving to an unspecified drop off destination with a heavy load attached to your car, driving through obstacles, and accomplishing tough parking challenges.

Additionally, the game requires you to complete these challenges while picking up bags spread over the route you will be travelling. Each one contains 100 coins, so you might want to leave non behind.

Choose Your Preferred Mode

Are you a thrill-seeker looking for a crazy off-road driving adventure? Do you deem yourself to be a skilled offroad racing gamer? Perhaps you enjoy the experience of pushing a powerful car to its limits. Whatever your stance, this game gives players the opportunity of going for what they love.

There are multiple game modes, including Challenge Mode, Free Mode, Career Mode, and Coins Mode. With every option offering unique challenges and a ton of levels to unlock, you are not likely to tire of the game any time soon.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & Parking on PC

• Follow Game Guides

Getting lost should not be an issue for any player in Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & Parking. That is because the game always guides you over where to go. A tiny green arrow appears on top of your vehicle, pointing you in what direction to drive in.

There is also a marker for the parking spot. It appears as a long green arrow pointing down to a yellow square space on which your vehicle should stopover. However, even without the guide arrow, you will know you are on the right path when you spot the occasional checkpoint, bag of glowing cash, or direction road sign, which pop-up along the route.

• Power Up your Vehicle

As you will quickly learn, driving in this offroad vehicle simulator is no easy task. The game takes you through water, over dirt paths, up & down hilly terrain, along the edge of a cliff, and on rocky areas. Levels get tougher as you continue, putting your driving skills to the test.

The best way to stay on top of your game is to tune up your vehicle often. A powerful car will perform great over any terrain, making it possible to drive at a decent speed and beat the clock on each level. The game allows you to upgrade the control, break, and speed of your vehicle as you please with plenty of car customization options also offered.

• Drive with Finesse

Offroad Vehicle – SUV Driving & Parking offers intuitive functions. Included are touch controls for turning left and right as well as buttons for moving forward and reversing. You should take advantage of this and drive smart rather than rush to accomplish a challenge. Slow down when making tricky turns or manoeuvring steep terrain, reverse your vehicle to get back on track or get a better angle of squeezing through tiny areas, and so on. Make getting to your destination with zero mistakes your main focus in all levels of play.

• Use the Right Vehicle for the Job

Another smart move in this game is to pick the best vehicle for every quest. For example, when the goal is as simple as passing checkpoints in a limited period, an SUV vehicle will do just fine. Using the proper vehicle for the job increases your chances of completing a challenge flawlessly, and consequently, earning you maximum coins during that round.

How to play

How to play Offroad Vehicle - SUV Driving & Parking on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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About Offroad Vehicle - SUV Driving & Parking:

Whether you are a fan of offroad racing games or not, Offroad Vehicle -SUV Driving & parking is certainly a-must-try. From quests that challenge you without being frustrating to numerous levels of play to stunning graphics, there is plenty to love about this game. Download it now to enjoy all these features and more. And, what better way to do that than install Offroad Vehicle - SUV Driving & Parking on PC and play on a big screen?

Developer: The Game MaxStudio
Download: Android or iOS

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