Offroad Jeep Simulator for PC – Download & Install on Mac/Win

Expect More Than Offroad Jeep Driving

Going by the title, you might expect Offroad Jeep Simulator to be a game where you drive off the beaten track to explore an open game world. Well, this game by Gopal Rai offers a lot more than that.

Granted, it is all about driving. However, the challenges you will encounter are many and diverse. For instance, it could be a race to the finish line, drift racing competition, stunt driving challenge, or trying to overcome obstacles with your four-wheel drive.

You can also install this game on your PC by following the steps shared in this post. So, there is no reason not to enjoy Offroad Jeep Simulator on a bigger screen.

Game Modes

Truck Trials

The goal here is to drive a jeep across obstacles. Wrecked cars, rocks, logs, and inflammable barrels that explode on contact, you will be in for a bumpy ride. Once you reach the finish line, you move onto the next level with new obstacles to maneuver through.

Racing Monster Trucks

The challenges in this mode pits two monster trucks against each other in a race.

Adventure Drivers

Race with Kombi vans, RVs, ice cream vans, SUVs, & pick-up trucks in a jungle-like environment filled with tunnels and obstacles. Your vehicle can springboard over barriers.

High Hills

As the name suggests, this mode challenges you to drive a car on very steep terrain. Be prepared to jump off a cliff or maneuver through steep slopes that resemble the vert ramp used in extreme sports to perform skateboarding and BMX bike stunts. Careful not to crash or land on the rocks lest your car explodes. There are coins to gather as you drive, which you then spend to upgrade your vehicle.

Highway Rider Extreme

Playing this level involves riding a motorcycle on the highway. You have to overtake every vehicle that is moving slower than you while at the same time avoiding hitting other motorists or crashing into roadside barriers. Coins appear at random intervals for you to collect. Accumulate enough cash, and you can buy motorcycles with better speed, handling, and other stats.

StreetRace Fury

One-on-one race to the finish line.

Drift Cup Racing

Put your driving skills to the test in this game mode. You race other AI cars on a winding track. Drift Cup Racing is all about maneuvering around sharp corners, all while racing to the finish line and beat everyone else to clinch first place. There are plenty of racecars to acquire and tracks that you will unlock as you progress through the levels.

Drag Racing Club

This is another racing challenge that pits two drivers against each other. Unlike other similar game modes, you can shift lanes in Drag Racing Club. That means you can take the lead and keep blocking opponents if they get too close to overtake. There are also nitro boosts to use as you cruise to the finish line.

Racing Cars

Here, you indulge in some Go-Karts racing to finish for the coveted first place position. The tracks are winding, and you have to complete several laps.

Other Game Features

Plenty of game modes are not the only appealing aspect of Offroad Jeep Simulator. Players can also look forward to enjoying HD graphics & animations, different driving locations, and realistic driving physics.

Offroad Jeep Simulator
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Tips & Tricks for Playing Offroad Jeep Simulator on PC

• Customize Controls with Key Mapping

Although this is a mobile game built for smartphones and iPads, playing it on PC is easy thanks to emulators that come with the key mapping feature. With this function, you can assign various keyboard buttons to mimic on-screen controls used to play Offroad Jeep Simulator. You can find it in reputable emulators.

• Keep Upgrading Your Vehicles

In many of the challenges, the game challenges you to gather up the in-game currency, which can buy upgrades for your racing jeeps and cars. For instance, you could spend coins to boost speed, tire grip, fuel tank capacity, chassis, car body, among other features, depending on the game mode you are playing. These upgrades will improve your driving ability, allowing you to break high scores and complete increasingly challenging levels.

• Replay Failed Levels

If you fail a level in Offroad Jeep Simulator, the good news is that you can always give it another go. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, don’t feel frustrated if you can finish a particular challenge on your first attempt. You will get the hang of it by trying again.

Moreover, replaying previous levels can also be a smart way to farm for coins. If you find yourself stuck at a particular stage, you can use this trick to get the cash required to upgrade or buy a better vehicle.

• Play All the Game Modes

Lastly, don’t be intimated by the many game modes that this game has to offer. Try playing all of them, and you will be surprised that some are a lot more fun and easy to play than others.

How to play

How to play Offroad Jeep Simulator on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Offroad Jeep Simulator Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Offroad Jeep Simulator on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Offroad Jeep Simulator:

Gopal Rai is the developer behind Offroad Jeep Simulator, a car driving game in the racing genre. Their creation is a lot more than what you might try to glean from the title. Plenty of game modes await your discovery. They range from racing one-on-one to challenging multiple drivers to driving solo to perform stunts or evade obstacles. The driving challenges are fun and diverse. You will have a chance to drive monster trucks, racecars, 4WD jeeps, Kombi vans, and more. Start your adventure on wheels by installing the game on your PC (check instructions above), and enjoy it on a big screen.

Developer: Gopal Rai
Download: Android or iOS

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