Ode To Heroes for Your Windows / Mac PC – Download and Install

How to play

How to play Ode to Heroes on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Ode to Heroes Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Ode to Heroes on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Easy Idle Strategy RPG

Are you looking for a game that will allow you to enjoy the thrill of combat but without putting you through the grind? If so, Ode To Heroes might be what you crave. It is rich with history, pleasant surprises, and some of the most remarkable attacks RPGs have to offer. You can play this game from DH-Games on your Android device, or install Ode to Heroes for PC with the three simple steps outlined above.

The gameplay is some of the easiest you will come across, as battles take place automatically.  You arrange six characters on your side of the battlefield, while another 6 take their place on the other side.

Characters acquire energy when they attack and then release their superpower automatically when their energy bar gets full.

The team that manages to take out all opponents on the other side wins the round. Other activities, which involve leveling up players, collecting resources, and making trades, are done at the tap/click of a button.

Build your Army from over 200 Heroes

In the game, an event fractured time, causing legendary personages from throughout history to spill into the current timeline. As a result, this created the need for an honorable Destiny Minister (you) to repair the distorted timeline. Correcting history back to its rightful course will require you to retrieve pieces of a destiny scroll spread out in different space-times, (such as the Sky Tower, psychedelic Secret Realm, and so on).

You will, however, need backup when traveling to different points in time.  For this reason, you will also need to summon characters from this massive fantasy world to fight for you.

With over 200 game characters to choose from, creating your army will not be a problem. What’s more, you can summon heroes in several ways.  For example, you can join a guild and use friendship hearts to acquire heroes, send out recruitment letter/scrolls, go to the game’s recruitment center for advanced summoning, or construct hero fragments.

One thing to remember, though, is that you should mix up your army to include heroes with diverse skills. Doing so will have you covered, both in defensive and offensive aspects of combat.

The heroes fall in one of five factions, namely Emperors, Scholars, Specialists, Assassins, and Priests.  Assassins are the most powerful in terms of attacking damage. In contrast, Priests offer healing powers. Scholars are the game’s equivalent of wizards. Specialists bring unique skills to the table while emperors boast of the highest HP stats.

Characters further break down into ranks spreading over a range of 1 to 5-star heroes, with each combatant having a unique set of skills and attack method. From multiple sword attacks, wrapping up opponents in red-colored tornado, to enemy engulfing musical notes, there are all kinds of unique moves.  Read about the abilities of all heroes to create a formidable, all-rounded army.

Multiple Game Modes at your Disposal

Unlike other RPGs, which follow a progressive style of play, Ode To Heroes introduces you to bits of the game’s story through the campaign mode. But, that’s not all as far as gameplay content is concerned. There is the King’s Club, which features a variety of PvP arena challenges. The Sky Tower holds an endless series of battles, with each floor being more challenging than the previous one. Players can dive into an array of dungeon-like battles in what the game refers to as The Government, as well as daily quests and a host of goals. All game modes earn you valuable rewards and additional resources, which you can use to level up your heroes and get through the campaign mode faster.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ode To Heroes on PC

  • Register your Account at Beginning of play

Five-star heroes have the highest rank in this game. The more high ranking characters you manage to get, the more formidable your army will become. You get a 5-star hero for free by just registering your account at the game’s request.

  • Proper Formation is Key to Success

During battles, players can put two combatants in front and four at the back. The 2 heroes at the front bear the most damage. So, you will want to place your strongest (preferably the ones with high HP) soldiers there. They can take quite a bit of attack before falling out of the fight. As a result, the teammates at the back will remain protected, giving them a chance to make an impact in the battle. Your strongest heroes can take up positions in the backline. Characters like Pei Min, Yang Guang, and Yu Xuanji, jump to mind since they can attack more than one member of the opposing side at the same time.

  • Upgrade your Heroes according to Rank

High-ranking heroes are only a few upgrades away from reaching their maximum potential. So, when upgrading, start with your mightiest fighters, such as three, four, and five-star heroes.  Doing this will lead to having several very high-level heroes in your army, who you can keep to the end.

  • Sell the Lower Rank Heroes you do not need anymore

The game only requires six heroes maximum during battles. You can keep a few extra in your army for rotational purposes, but there is no need to pile up on heroes since you will not get to use all of them. So, make it a point to de-clog your roster regularly by selling the heroes you no longer need. You can do this by tapping HOME, then choosing REST HOUSE, followed by SELECT YOUR HEROES, and RETIRE. Selling heroes will earn you EXP pills, which are vital for upgrading heroes. Only go for one and two-star heroes when selling since they make the lowest rank.


About Ode To Heroes:

Ode To Heroes is not the only game of its kind around. Strategy RPGs or auto battler games as they are also referred to as have become a mini-game genre and they are quite popular among gamers. However, this particular title offers a rich game content as its edge over the competition. From PvP battles to daily quests and events, there is a lot to keep you entertained in this RPG. Overall, you will have your hands full strategizing and leveling your way to victory. Another plus for this game is the awesome graphics it offers. It features a beautiful artistic style, gorgeous animations, and an all-round colorful look. It is certainly a must-play for RPG fans.

Developer: DH-Games
Download: Android or iOS

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