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How to play Night Agent: I’m the Savior on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Hack ‘n’ Slash ARPG

Night Agent: I’m the Savior is an action RPG with 3D anime graphics. The game offers hack ‘n’ slash quests, where you take charge of three heroes to fight ghosts, demons, beasts, and all kinds of evil creatures. These brave warriors are students who are trying to keep their haunted high-school safe. Join them in an epic adventure to maintain the balance between yin and yang.

You will fight the monsters in hallways, classrooms, the track field, public places, or in dark lairs where they hide. Ultimately, the goal is to vanquish every last one of them. In between the combat levels that you have to clear, you can read through conversations between the characters and delve deeper into the game plot.

It is worth noting that this game is the English version of Ace Censor by Chinese developer New Type Studio. Although you can play it on smartphones and tablets, take the experience to a whole new level by installing Night Agent: I’m the Savior on your PC, as described in this post.

Amazing Superhero Agents

The characters you take to battle are known as agents, as implied in the game title. These heroes have unique battle skills that allow them to annihilate the evil forces. Whether you prefer to attack from long range with magic or get up close and personal to deliver blows and kicks, there are over 20 characters to choose from with different play styles.

There is also a character ranking system in the game, which groups the heroes according to rarity. SS agents are the rarest. Next up, there are the S-tier characters. These are followed by the lower-ranked A, B, and C units.

You can unlock new agents by collecting their corresponding shards as you complete quest levels. Alternatively, players can use the summon function to acquire random characters. However, this process costs scratch cards, which you have to earn as rewards from quests.

When it comes to the controls, the game is easy to play, thanks to auto-battling mode. However, you have complete control over who to take to battle. Additionally, you can even switch up the chosen fighters in real-time during combat at any time.

Plenty of Game Modes to Play

When you begin your adventure in this game, the story mode will offer different chapters with multiple quests that you can play in the normal, elite, or hell levels of diff iculty.

Every level has three goals. For example, the objectives can challenge you to clear the level within a limited period, keep all agents alive, hit specific combos, etc. You get a rating based on the number of goals achieved. So, a 3-star result is the highest score you can get. It is essential to know what the goals are and achieve them all because some achievement rewards will require you to have a minimum star score to qualify for free prizes. You also get money, EXP, and other random rewards from the story mode missions.

Besides the storyline quests, Night Agent: I’m the Savior treats players to other game modes as well. For instance, there are aff inity quests based on relationships you form with your agents. You increase aff inity levels with the agents sent to battle. The corresponding agent that you keep bonding with will earn affection points/hearts that eventually unlock new storyline quests involving those heroes.

In co-op mode, you team up with other players to play the Raid, Arena, or World Boss battles. You can earn night coins from these quests along with other goodies. And, as you progress further in the storyline missions, the ADV mode will unlock new arenas like the Demon Lord Castle, Netherworld Training, Street Domination, and Haunted Building, to name a few. Shards and other resources are up for grabs in these modes, so make sure to play them as well.

If you need a break from all the combat missions, you can also play the puzzle mini-games. Here, you solve jigsaws puzzles to earn more money and EXP.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Night Agent: I’m the Savior on PC

  • Know the Factions

In this game, there is a rock, paper, scissor faction system that determines how agents and enemies stack against each other when it comes to battle strength. For instance, paper aff iliated agents tend to be weaker against scissor enemies and superior to rock adversaries. On the other hand, the rock faction will crush scissor opponents, but as just stated, paper rivals are their kryptonite. Lastly, the scissor-type of agents may be weak against rock enemies but are stronger than paper foes.

If you use a weak agent against a stronger rival, you will see a red arrow pointing downward just next to the HP bar of the enemies you are facing. On the other hand, a green sign pointing upward will appear when you have a stronger character in action.

Agents and enemies in the same faction are equally matched in strength. However, putting a stronger fighter in battle is the better option because you get to clear that level faster.

You can change agents at any time during battle. Therefore, make sure to check the enemy faction symbol (rock, paper, or scissor), which is usually indicated above their avatars, and use the strongest agent to complete the fight.

  • Boost Power for all Agents

Every level recommends the required might for players to have if they want to stand a chance of defeating the enemies involved. It is essential to make sure your current team exceeds the recommended power to increase your chances of winning. You can train your agents, equip them with accessories, upgrade their skills, or assign them to a guardian to increase their might. Do this for every agent because each character contributes to the team’s total power.

  • Customize Agents with Costumes

There are plenty of costumes to unlock for all your superhero agents. The upside of these outfits is that they give your character a bonus effect. Therefore, remember to equip your agents with costumes to get an advantage in battle.

  • Collect Your Rewards

Check the achievements you accomplish over time to see which rewards are available for claiming. For instance, you will earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies as you complete various stages. You can also get diamonds/gems on the collect tab in the achievement section. There are more rewards that you can get if you finish goals related to battle, training, or social activities. Additionally, the daily, black ops, and archive rewards drop more goodies when you complete the listed quests.

  • Join a Club

Clubs in Night Agents: I’m the Savior are the equivalent of guilds, which we have come to expect from most RPGs. You can either create your own community or join an active one. There are several benefits that you get for joining a club. For one, this grants access to the club-shop where you can buy exclusive items like star stones, fabric, certificates, and other resources. Moreover, you get to take part in club missions and raids, which drop even more in-game items. Therefore, make sure to join or form an active club.


About Night Agent: I’m the Savior:

Night Agent: I’m the Savior is an ARPG (action role-playing game) where you join some disguised students to fight evil forces that are haunting a high school. Slay ghosts, demons, beasts, and all kinds of monsters by taking a trio of heroes to do battle. There are plenty of story quests and an intriguing plot to keep you busy. As you progress further in the game, more modes will unlock to broaden your adventure. Boss raids, PvP battles, and more await you in the world of Night Agent. Overall, the game is action-packed and treats players to an immersive experience with tons of characters to collect, 3D anime graphics, and engaging storytelling.

Developer: HK Taihe Interactive ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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