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Naruto Shippuden Adaptation

Fans of Naruto Shippuden now have a reason to smile thanks to a mobile adaptation of the anime series that’s now available as a game. Titled Naruto: Slugfest, this open-world MMORPG can now be downloaded from the app store or Google Play.

What’s more, you can install Naruto for PC with an emulator and get a feel of what it is like to play the game with a mouse and keyboard. Indeed, the experience is much better on high-performance gaming computers.

Rich Storyline

Naruto: Slugfest treats players to a rich storyline. The plot also unfolds with cinematic visuals. As such, you can look forward to reading through lots of dialogues between characters.

For those who are avid fans of the series, the game plot kicks off as Naruto comes back to Konoha Village. He has been away for two years learning from one of the greatest ninja’s of all time, the renowned Sannin, Jiraiya. His arrival also coincides with increased activity from the ninja terrorist faction known as Akatsuki. As a result, Naruto joins his fellow villagers to protect the five Shinobi Nations from the emerging threat. At the same time, he is dealing with the loss of Sasuke, someone that he considered to be a brother.

Skill-Casting Combat

Once you install Naruto for PC or the default mobile version, the game treats you to lots of combat encounters and quests. Missions lead up to battles, so you can expect to spend much of your time questing. Fortunately, it is not complicated at all because the game offers auto-path gameplay. In other words, the characters carry out quests without your involvement. All you do is tap on the current mission indicated on the task menu located on the top left side of your screen and the character will auto-path to the mission area.

When it comes to combat; however, the outcome is up to you. You take control of your shinobi by tapping/clicking the fighting buttons. Besides a basic attack, you can cast skills as well, which have a cool-down effect before you can use them to unleash massive damage on enemies.

Diverse Character Class System

Another great feature of this MMORPG is that you can play as any character from the Naruto: Shippuden world. There are four character classes to choose from, each with unique attributes. For instance, the Earth Keeper is a melee class with stats of a tank but capable of delivering massive AOE (area of effect) damage.

You can also play as the Blazing Lotus, a fire-unleashing, ally-healing ranged class. Wind Shooter is the other long-range class, whereas the Thunder Assassin attacks from mid-range with water and lighting techniques, stealth, and high mobility. Once your ninja reaches level 30, the sub-class will also unlock, effectively increasing your battle repertoire.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Naruto: Slugfest on PC

  • Enhance Your Gear

Granted, equipping new gear will make your shinobi look better. However, the tools you collect in this game are not just cosmetic. You can also enhance equipment to get a boost in HP and defense stats. You have the option to upgrade individual items or everything at once. Keep in mind, though, that this will cost you enhance charms and magatama (coins). Therefore, make sure to accumulate enough resources to afford the enhancement cost.

  • Fuse Gear

You can combine two items of the same tier to get higher-level gear. For this option, visit the fuse menu. Note that fusion is another avenue to make your tools more powerful, so make sure to exploit it.

  • Summon Your Sidekick

You are never alone in the Naruto: Slugfest world because it is possible to summon your favorite characters to assist you in battle. Every player gets a partner, but invoking one will cost ramen vouchers. When you call upon a sidekick, one of two things will happen. Either a random character will appear, or the game will reward you with shards. Once you accumulate adequate amounts, you can combine the latter resource to summon a partner. Remember to put your battle aid through training as well to have a strong fighting duo.

  • Upgrade Shinobi Skills

Lastly, we conclude our beginner guide of Naruto: Slugfest by emphasizing the importance of upgrading skills. You can level up skills to gain an advantage in battle. However, this requires skill points, which you can acquire by continuing to level up or spending in-game currency.

How to play

How to play Naruto: Slugfest on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Naruto: Slugfest Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Naruto: Slugfest on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Naruto: Slugfest:

Naruto: Slugfest is an open world MMORPG, off icially launched for the iOS and Android platforms by Cubinet Interactive. It features an immersive storyline with cinematic scenes, 3D cartoon visuals, and combat adventures that will have you do battle against other ninjas. Fans of the series can enjoy playing the game with their favorite characters from the Naruto Shippuden world. The game offers a diverse range of hero archetypes with different skills, as well as several game modes to explore. Follow the main campaign or invite your friends to play Naruto: Slugfest together. Besides having an apprenticeship, family, and marriage system, the game also offers social competitive gameplay with multiplayer team quests.

Developer: Cubinet Interactive International Co. Ltd.
Download: Android or iOS

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