N.O.V.A Legacy: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Needless to say, N.O.V.A Legacy is one of the most amazing games to debut on Apple stores and the Play Store. Better than its predecessor, NOVA, this newly improved version of the game is ready to rock every device in the world. Not only does it come with an abundance of incredible features, it also packs a new playable storyline that will get you hooked after a few minutes of gameplay.
Brought to you by Gameloft, this game has piqued the interest of both beginners and expert players alike. However, for the former, some aspects of the game may appear challenging. Worry not! With these N.O.V.A Legacy beginners tips and tricks, all your playing moments will be a walk in the park:

• Pay attention to the tutorial
The tutorial will teach you how to control your character, weapon, icons, explore the vessel and how to make the most of our grenade icon. All of this is essential to successful gameplay. In essence, the tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about N.O.V.A Legacy

• Practice your movement and aim
Do not be in a rush to get started with playing the actual game. While your urge to finish off all your enemies is understandable, it is important to ensure that you practice and master all the right movements in order to get ahead.
Like all first-person shooter games, N.O.V.A Legacy will also require you to put your skills to the test before making an actual playing attempt. Your left thumb will enable you to move around in this gaming world. On the other hand, your right thumb will make aiming easy.

• Take advantage of your ammo
Whether you download N.O.V.A Legacy for PC or play the game on your mobile phone, you will find that you only have a limited amount of ammo. Take advantage of it in all ways that you can. Your ammo status is found at the top right corner of your screen. As you play, you can manually reload your weapon by tapping on it.

• Know the in-game currencies
There are two types of game currencies in N.O.V.A Legacy. One comes in form of gold coins while the second currency is represented by purple gems, commonly referred to as trilithium. By completing each mission, you will be able to earn gold coins.
These coins can also be earned by meeting the skill goal bonus requirements for every mission.
Purple gems are more difficult to obtain, thus they are seen as used to purchase better gear and power-ups for your character. They are considered a special type of currency. N.O.V.A Legacy has an in-game store where both of these currencies can be purchased.

• Open all your prize packages
It does not matter if you choose to download N.O.V.A Legacy for PC or play this mobile version of the game, it is highly important to open all your prize packages. This is because within these packages lies useful items like weapons, power-ups, weapon upgrades comes with a total of three items. You never know what you will find!

• Refill your power tank using in-game currencies
For many N.O.V.A Legacy players, the power tank can be seen as a playtime limiter. It limits the amount of time that the game can be players. Your power tank has a total of 10 energy. However, it costs 3 energy to play each mission.
If your energy runs out, you are required to wait for the energy to refill itself (this may take a while). However, to avoid this limitation, you can instantly refill your energy using in-game currencies.

• Take good care of Yelena
Greetings Captain. My name is Yelena; these are the words you will hear every time you come in contact with Yelena, the artificially integrated assistant that will be at your beck and call. She will fill you in on your mission, goals, explain what happened in war zones and advise you to proceed with caution when need be.

• Enjoy all the playing modes
N.O.V.A Legacy makes it possible for you to play verse us random players who hail from all over the world or test your skills in the 6-player fight arena matches. It is up to you to pick and choose what you are most comfortable with.
The modes also allow you to either fight with all your weapons, therefore, you need to know to maneuver each and every one of them. There are no restrictions here!

• Manage your equipment
The game offers a variety of weapons and equipment, therefore, it is important to learn to manage these properly. There are weapons that can be unlocked using the in-game currencies and there are others that require stars. These stars can be obtained by completing specific missions such as killing a certain number of enemies. Change and update your equipment whenever you can.

• Use grenades in battle
As consumables that can be used in battle, grenades cause a higher level of damage. However, try to use them only when they are required, not because you have an abundance of them. A single grenade can sufficiently get the job done.

• Start with the single players game mode
Although multiplayer battles may be tempting, getting started with the single-player modes will teach you how to properly control the game as well as how to optimize your artillery. If you do not learn, in single player mode, you will not survive the intensity of multiplayer matches.

• Read several guides
N.O.V.A Legacy provides a guide that will let you know the full information about gameplay and how to achieve the best performance. Read this guide carefully as it will better your gameplay.

These easy tips and tricks will turn you from a novice player to an expert. Do not be afraid to come up with your own playing techniques in order to find the best ways to shoot out all your enemies. Apart from the mobile version of the game, it is also easy to download N.O.V.A Legacy for PC.