My Talking Tom On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “My Talking Tom” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

A Brand New Special Game

There may be many games out there but My Talking Tom certainly takes the cake! As a player, the game allows you to adopt your own kitten and nurture it into a fully grown cat. As this is quite the big responsibility, you will be required to put your best foot forward and ensure that the cat is well catered to.

There is no doubt you will enjoy your time using this gaming application. You can feed the pet, play with it and provide for everything that it asks for. My Talking Tom requires a special level of concentration. It will surely get you hooked!

Make the Most of Your Time With Tom

Apart from catering to Tom’s daily and immediate needs, the game also allows you to tour the world together with your new-found pet. You can equally dress him in clothes that are fit for a true adventurer.

Depending on how you play with Tom, he can be happy, sad, sleepy, hungry or bored. Therefore, you should be able to make the most of your time with him. Download My Talking Tom For PC and enjoy playing this game on a whole new level.

Unleash Your Creativity

My Talking Tom will allow you to create your very own Tom by choosing a combination of furs, clothing, and furniture. For you to create the perfect pet, you have to tap into your imagination. If you do a good job, you will be able to enjoy certain rewards.

It is easy to interact with Tom. The cat repeats everything you say. When you poke, stroke or tickle it, its response will warm your heart.

My Talking Tom will take you the furthest point of imagination. Let your creativity lead you! It is also easy to Download My Talking Tom For PC and put your mind to the test.

Handle the Responsibility

Although My Talking Tom sounds like a game that anyone can play but handling the responsibility bestowed to you is as hard as it gets.

If you thought dressing Tom is a hefty task; couple this with decorating his entire home and single-handedly raising him through all different levels of the game.

These may seem like simple tasks but the game gives you the responsibility of raising a cat. Can you handle it?

Tips and Tricks For Playing My Talking Tom

For you to properly raise your virtual pet, you need to cherish the moments that you spend with it. Just like all caretakers, you require the right strategy for things to go smoothly. Worry not! We have assembled these special tips and tricks for you:

• Keep your cat happy by playing with it
The purpose of My Talking Tom is to take care of the cat and keep it happy at all times. Why don’t you just play with it? By tapping on it, the cat’s playtime bar will quickly move to 100%. This will allow you to move on from the playing and handle other tasks.

• Do not worry about the time
My Talking Tom is a game that is not necessarily played on a time limit. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a lapsing clock. When taking care of Tom, do not rush. Do all that you are required to do in taking care of your pet. And ensure that you do it well!

• Level up your cat
It is important to help your cat level up. Once you upgrade your cat, you will be able to gain access to a variety of purchases in the in-app store. Buying expensive items will allow you to substantially increase your multiplayer experience.

• Earn coins through mini-games
My Talking Tom allows players to indulge in various mini-games where they can earn extra points and cons. For instance, playing whack-a-mouse will let you earn some extra coins every time you hit the mice.

• Let your cat sleep when you are not playing
Your cat needs plenty of rest. Therefore, when you go off to do something other than playing the game, you should let Tom get some shut-eye. All you have to do is head to the bed section and switch off the lights. Remember, the cat will not sleep when the lights are on. Put your cat to bed at 70% so that it does not take a long time for it to wake up.

• Only feed the cat when needed
It is quite easy to overfeed your cat because it will continually accept food even if it is full. As such, you should keep up with the hunger levels to ensure that the food is not wasted. Do not offer food at levels of 100%. From time to time, you can spoil the cat with special treats from the kitchen.

• Speed up your experience by purchasing furniture
Buying the right kind of future will speed up your experience levels. Only look for furniture that has a specific tag next to it. This way, you will get a higher experience level. It is advisable to buy furniture that you will use for a long time rather the kind which will replace within a few days. As you gain experience levels, you will unlock better furniture.

About My Talking Tom:

Developer: Outfit7
Download: Android and iOS